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Crystal Cheats

Big Cheats

Get Powerful Attacks on Level 10 Pokemon

1. After you win the match against your rival in Mt. Moon, the Move Tutor will appear just outside of the Goldenrod City Game Corner.

2. He can teach one of your Pokémon Flamethrower, Ice Beam,or Thunderbolt.

3. He can even teach level 10 Pokemon!


Duplicate Items

1. Equip a Pokemon with the item you want to duplicate.

2. Deposit the Pokemon in a box.

3. Change to another box.

4. When it says "Saving" immediately turn off the power.

5. Your Pokemon and the item will be duplicated.


Get Lots of Rare Candies

1. Do the item duplication cheat.

2. Let your Pokémon hold a Rare Candy instead.


Get to the First Secret Room

1. Go to the first puzzle room.

2. Read the writing that's on the wall. It will say "escape".

3. Use an Escape Rope.

4. You should be outside now.

5. Go back into the room. A door will have opened.

6. It is the first secret room.


Second Secret Room

1. Go to the southern part of the ruins.

2. Surf across to get to the second puzzle room.

3. Read the clue. It says "light".

4. Use flash by there.

5. A doorway will appear.


Third Secret Room

1. Get to the third puzzle room with a water stone in your pack. 

2. The passage will open.


Forth Secret Room

1. You'll need Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and Ho-oh.

2. Bring them to the last puzzle room.

3. That's your ticket to get in the secret room.


Got a cheat? Submit it to us!

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