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Attack List


F-Mim Min-Sku Sky-Z
Absorb Faint Attack Mind Reader Sky Attack
Acid False Swipe Minimize Slam
Acid Armor Fire Blast Mirror Coat Slash
Aeroblast Fire Punch Mirror Move Sleep Powder
Agility Fire Spin Mist Sleep Talk
Amnesia Fissure Moon Light Sludge
Ancient Power Flail Morning Sun Sludge Bomb
Attract Flame Wheel Mud-Slap Smog
Aurora Beam Flamethrower Night Shade Smokescreen
Barrage Flash Nightmare Snore
Barrier Fly Octazooka Softboiled
Baton Pass Focus Energy Outrage Solarbeam
Beat Up Foresight Pain Split Sonicboom
Belly Drum Frustration Pay Day Spark
Bide Fury Attack Peck Spider Web
Bind Fury Cutter Perish Song Spike Cannon
Bite Fury Swipes Petal Dance Spikes
Blizzard Future Sight Pin Missile Spite
Body Slam Giga Drain Poson Gas Splash
Bone Club Glare Poison Sting Spre
Bone Rush Growl Poisonpowder Steel Wing
Bonemerang Growth Pound Stomp
Bubble Guillotine Powder Snow Strength
Bubblebeam Gust Present String Shot
Charm Harden Protect Struggle
Clamp Haze Psybeam Stun Spore
Comet Punch Headbutt Psych Up Submission
Confuse Ray Heal Bell Psychic Substitute
Confusion Hi Jump Kick Psywave Sunny Day
Constrict Hidden Power Pursuit Super Fang
Conversion Horn Attack Quick Attack Supersonic
Conversion 2 Horn Drill Rage Surf
Cotton Spore Hydro Pump Rain Dance Swagger
Counter Hyper Fang Rapid Spin Sweet Kiss
Crabhammer Hypnosis Razor Leaf Sweet Scent
Cross Chop Ice Beam Razor Wind Swift
Crunch Ice Punch Recover Swords Dance
Curse Icy Wind Reflect Synthesis
Cut Iron Tail Rest Tackle
Defense Curl Jump Kick Return Tail Whip
Destiny Bond Karate Chop Reversal Take Down
Detect Kinesis Roar Teleport
Dig Leech Seed Rock Slide Thief
Disable Leer Rock Smash Thrash
Dizzy Punch Lick Rock Throw Thunder
Double Kick Light Screen Rolling Kick Thunder Wave
Double Team Lock-on Rollout Tunderbolt
Double-edge Lovely Kiss Sacred Fire Thunderpunch
Double Slap Low Kick Safeguard Thundershock
Dragon Rage Mach Punch Sandstorm Toxic
Dragonbreath Magnitude Sand-Attack Transform
Dream Eater Mean Look Scary Face Tri Attack
Drill Peck Meditate Scratch Triple Kick
Dynamicpunch Maga Drain Screech Twineedle
Earthquake Mega Kick Seismic Toss Twister
Egg Bomb Mega Punch Selfdestruct Vicegrip
Ember Megahorn Shadow Ball Vine Whip
Encore Metal Claw Sharpen Vital Throw
Endure Metronome Sing Water Gun
Explosion Milk Drink Sketch Waterfall
Extreme Speed Mimic Skull Bash Whirlpool
Wing Attack
Zap Cannon
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