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About Us

    Ok. Let me get something straight. There is no "us" in about us. There is only me and me only. I am the only one working on this site. My staff includes me. That's it. So now that you know, let's get on with the show!

    Why did I name it Pokémon X? Well... it's not going to be a very long story, sorry to disappoint you. But I named this site Pokémon X because my nickname starts with the letter X. Get it? Good!

    So why did I start this site? Because of my friend. She owned several sites and just started with a new one when all of a sudden, I got this great idea. I wanted to start my own site! Of course, this was something I had never done this before, so I was pretty inexperienced at it. I couldn't put pictures on it, and that site didn't do too well. So  that's what happened to my first site.

    My second site, Pokemon Island. Did better. It got some hundred hits, but I wanted better than that. And so, that's what got me the inspiration for Pokémon X. Pretty impressive, huh? 

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