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About the Webmaster

    Yes, yes, I am the webmaster. Actually I'm the webmistress, meaning that I'm female. Anyways, that won't matter because it really doesn't. Ok, let's get down to business....

Here's my profile:

Name: XS (can't tell you anymore than that)
Age: in my early teens (pre-teens, to be exact)
Gender: female (I already told you, didn't I?)
Birthday: ha ha, can't tell you
Location: California, USA
Favorite Pokémon: Arcanine
Favorite Pokémon Type: Fire
Favorite Game of all Time: Pokémon (duh!)
Favorite Online Game: Neopets (you should sign up, it's free)
Favorite New RPG: Dragon Warrior III (sorry Pokémaniacs)
Favorite New Sports Game: Mario Tennis
My AIM Screen Name: aznwarriordude
My E-mail Address:
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