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    Pokémon TGC, a. k. a. Trading Card Game, is a Pokémon card game (duh!). But not just a regular card game. It is actually a complex system of Pokémon battling between cards. Well, it's kind of like the Pokémon games, only the battles aren't electronicly calculated and it beats worrying about batteries all the time. 

    TGC is fun and challenging. You and your friends can battle it out on virtually anywhere! You just need a flat surface to play on. And plus, you can trade those cards for new ones, too. Some cards are rarer than others. Some are even holographic. The holographic ones are the rarest.

    You can buy Pokémon cards in a theme theme or a booster pack. Theme packs include 60 cards while booster packs include 11. Energy cards can only be found in theme packs. One holographic card is included, too. But each booster pack also contains one rare card, though they might not be holographic.

Rules of Pokémon TGC:

1. Your deck needs to have 60 cards (no more, no less).

2. Can have unlimited basic energy cards.

3. Can only have 4 single basic Pokémon cards.

4. Can only have 4 single evolution Pokémon cards.

5. Can only have 4 single trainer cards.

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