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Pokémon X

From now on, please email everything to Don't email them to anymore because I no longer use that account.

New Pokémon Cheat!
    This Pokémon cheat is sent in by It tells you how to get all 251 Pokémon at level 100.

first you have to play the game until you get to the pokemon league you must beat the elite 4 without losing any life when you get to lance beat all his pokemon without losing life excep aerodactal let him knock out all you pokemon then you will end up at a pokemon center. Then start your game all over again and do the same thing turn your game off and start and pick totodile as your first pokemon go to professor oak by mr. pokemon and he will say I have 2 gifts for you to choose from pick the 2nd gift and you will get a pokedex and all 251 pokemon. This cheat is guaranteed to work i have tried it myself.


No More Updates
    I've decided that there would be no more updates for Pokémon X since none of the people have sent anything to me. That means there will be no fan stuff and no team of the week. So sad... boo hoo....


Another Pokémon Movie?  3/29/02
    That's right. Nintendo has announced that there will be another Pokémon movie coming soon. Unfortunately, the movie will only appear in Japan. Further notices to release the Pokémon movie in North America are still unknown. This movie will be released in July (in Japan).

    The movie's name is known as Guardian Spirits of the Water Capital: Latias and Latios. I don't know for sure if that  will be the final title of the movie. Nintendo can still revise it. Anywayz, Latias and Latios are two brand new Pokémon. I don't have a picture to show you, but I think I can scan it soon. This info is found in Nintendo Power, in the Pokécenter section.


Neopets Rule!!!  3/27/02
Neopets - an online community of virtual pets!    Hi, guess what? I just found out a great web site called Neopets! Now some of you may wonder, "just what exactly are Neopets?" Well, let me explain. You see, Neopets are virtual pets that you can play with online. And that's not all. You can also explore several worlds, each containing different things you can do. And plus, there are daily updates as well. So what are you waiting for??? Hurry up and sign up! Best of all, it's all completely FREE!!! Isn't that great?!?!?! Neopets>>


Pokémon X's B-day!  3/26/02

    Hey everyone! Today's Pokémon X's birthday! We have just published this site and is expecting lots of visitors today (we hope...). So please, please, puh-leeze enjoy yourselves and hope you can check back soon. We'll  have more Pokémon news and updates when you do. By the way, Pokémon Island was my old web site. If you clicked on the link there, all I can say is, thanks a lot! And also, I'll be deleting that page soon ( I think...). Anyways, I really think this site is much more better than Pokémon Island.  I worked very, very, very hard on it. I hope you like it. If you do, please send in a comment. But I think it's rather good....

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