The Rules Page:

Story Idea: Loki (gengar, same Loki of Draco's Flame) has been living in a hidden valley for several months. He has allowed several types of pokémon who have found their way into this valley safe harbor. Things have been peaceful till now, pokémon have started to disappear and he is growing worried. Then....they find a body....


1: Cussing will be allowed to a point. Use your better judgment. Dark fiction? I write tons of dark fiction!

2: No legendary pokémon for now I might change my mind later but, for now no Lugia, Ho-oh, Suicune etc. etc..... (This includes Mew and Mewtwo)

3: Why just Pokémon? To start off there are tons of online rpg for trainer type games. Besides with such games people find it frustrating after awhile having to adhere to such strictly already molded characters like Ash and Gary and often quit after a short time of playing. Being the pokemon allows the player to make their own character that is unique. Any pokémon that is not a legendary pokémon is useable. Just pick your favorite give us a description of your character on our message board or e-mail it to me and start your own thread or join one.

*Note: Till we learn more about Ruby and Saffire Pokemon they will be unplayable here. Hope to change that soon though.*

4: Basic players are allowed only six major characters. And start with two only. you gain the other four when we (the game mods) decide you have earned them. Npc's: No limit currently but, if this is abused we'll change the rule later and limits will be set.

5: Evolutions: We decided that it will be up to the player as to when their character evolves. But, we do suggest to take a fair amount of time before you do so. If this gets abused we'll develop a new rule to keep it from becoming a problem. With that all said the main point is to have fun and if you want to invite anyone to the group or game do so.

6: Ghost types: Are played as they are seen in both the show and game. Other words: They breed, can be touched and their illusions as well are touchable. (The Maiden Rock episode a gastly in the illusion as an old woman knocks the crap out of James with a fan.) In the game ghosts breed only with the following: Gastly and evolutions, koffing and evolutions, slugma and evos, misdrevious, and ditto. In this game gengars with the Betaka lu Horku (The Mark Of Horokus)anything goes!

7: Special powers?: With in reason. No powers that are godlike! No immortal characters either! Mogur powers are simply the ability to speak with spirits and control them. All special powers must be approved by a mod.

8: Ditto: Dittos must touch another pokémon before it can transform. Other words your ditto can not just become a flaaffy or furret unless it has touched these pokémon before.

If other rules have to be applied they'll be added as the game proceeds. I guess the main thing now is to have fun with it.