The Realm Of Light.

A rpg about wild pokemon living in a valley. The Realm of light has been a peaceful harbor for various pokemon species but, dark events have befallen the valley and now the struggle for survival has begun. Mature audiences suggested: The game is fairly open minded. (Though check the rules there are a few things we don't allow.) -JLB and Raychu

Mature audiences suggested. Current active members:
JLB (Owner), Raychu (Moderator), Wynn (Asst. Moderator), Amy, Raichu Girl, Lighting, Navarr, Tiffany, Blissy, Atomyutwo

For updates or to post character info before playing in rpg please go to Raychu's Lounge our OOC board.

We are listed in: Mondo Link .COM

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The Realm Of Light
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