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Trihorn's Heroclix Customs

Last Updated: May 31 , 2003

Coming Soon:

Jin (MvC) : Doc Sampson and Green Stuff.

Check out my Heroclix Building!!

The Feline Mod, my first Multi-Based Figure!!

Original Characters

Maroon: this figure was made from a Typhoid Mary, with the handgun of a SHIELD Agent, the cape, mask, and pouch was made from Sculpy and Green Stuff.

Want to see her dial and additional info on Maroon? Click here.

Disk Rider: this mod was made from a Checkmate medic and Green Stuff for the Disk Board on the shoulder.

Want to see his dial and additional info on Disk Rider? Click here.

Marvel vs Capcom Series

Strider Hiryu: this MvC favourite was made from a hand Ninja and lots of Green Stuff.

I used a E Silver Samurai for his base, and he is ready to play, thank you Shadowgt the Silver Samurai idea.

Cable: Cable was made from a SHIELD Agent using a Riddler hand (because I used the Handgun arm for Maroon) and a lot of Green Stuff.

Currently I don't have custom stats or a base for him yet because I am not familiar with this character. Any suggestion would help.

*NOTE: Before saying that this mod sucks, please note that I hate this mod! and that the glue job sucked and it's impossible to paint on eyes with her hat on. Thank you :)

Jill: This mod was made from a Yellowjacket, Mystique hand, a Leech Medic head (Wasp has almost same head), and some Green Stuff.

For her base I used a E Mystique base to resemble her Stealth and both Ranged and Close Combat abilities.

Make Mine Marvel

Morbius: This is my favourite Mod!!! I made it of a Sabretooth and Sculpey. I'm very proud of it and it's detail in person is amazing. I dry brushed it all. The hands and face is an amazing part, I used a cheap kind of paint first, it gave it a rough feel then I painted it, it's very vampirey.

I'm currently working on a dial. : )

The Prowler: One of my favourite Spider-Man enemies was made from Blizzard and Green Stuff.

Want to see his dial? Click here.


Neo: This Matrix character was made from a Blade, Riddler head, and two Henchman Handgun hands.

Want to see his dial? Click here

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