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7:30 PM 9:30 PM

Members of the Liverpool Astronomical Society, (founded in 1881), will display several telescopes for viewing the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, if clear. There will also be an illustrated talk on astronomy.

This event is free, and is open to all members of the public.

For more information contact:-

Halewood Visitors Centre 0151 448 0960

Liverpool Astronomical Society

Geoff Regan, Observatory Director 0151 292 7165

Dave Owen, LAS Sidewalk Astronomers 07778 454524


The weather was reasonably ok for this event. Venus was visible, low down in the west but it soon sunk below the trees. Saturn was just over 2 degrees north of the first quarter moon. Jupiter less than 10 degrees west of Saturn. So, despite the light pollution, there was plenty to see in my 6 inch f4 reflector, which I set up near the front door. Jim Stacey arrived later and soon set up his 8 inch reflector with goto facility.

Graham Roberts helped look after my telescope so I could occasionally wander indoors to see Geoff Regan do a slide show. Tony Hearn, the Knowsley Ranger, confirmed that there would be access to a kettle, so hot coffee helped us ward off the cold.

The total number of visitors was 29, there was even an official photographer from Knowsley Council. With 4 LAS members and the Park Ranger this made a total of 34. All in all, a pleasing end to the 2000/2001 sidewalk season of events. The following three pictures have been selected from a group of 8 that were taken by Tony Hearn, the Halewood Ranger, who kindly emailed them to me a few days after the event.

Dave Owen

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3