This page has yaoi content -- specifically, Shigeru and Satoshi (Gary and Ash) from Pokemon. That's two guys together in a romantic way, OK? People who don't like that sort of thing should not be here. I mean it. All right, I understand that a fair number of idiots who don't like the couple will prance on into the page anyway, either because they didn't read the warning or because they want to flame me. I really have no respect for those who, filled with 'righteous indignition' over the fact that their thick-skulled beliefs have been 'violated', proceed to send ineffective emails saying people like me belong in the deepest depth of hell. If you're a fan of the couple, go ahead and visit my site. If not, just leave. I'm just going to laugh at your emails anyway. Why bother?

OK, I apologize for the rant. I now have a question and how you answer determines where you end up.

What do you think about the idea of Satoshi and Shigeru (Ash and Gary) as a couple?

They belong together, of course.
Are you insane, or just delusional?