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Pakimon #1 Fan Site

Gotta Catch A Few

Welcome to the Pakimon #1 Fan Site! There are probably a million Pakimon fans out there but I am by far the biggest. Here you can find all the latest and greatest Pakimon news and updates. When I am finished this site is going to rock and roll!!
The Pakimon - Chart
For those of you who don't know, the Pakimon are 34 different creatures from the country of Pakistan. They are similar to Pokemon but way cooler. I have a chart of all the Pakimon here. You should certainly take a look at it and get familiar with the Pakimons if you haven't already.

Meet A Pakimon: Pakimon #9 - Pakitu
PakituPakitu is the leader of the Pakimons. He is from Peshawar. I don't know where in Pakistan that is cause I don't know anything about Pakistan but I am sure it kicks butt. Pakitu only about 2 feet tall but he can kick some tail. He has special annoying powers. This would seem like something negative but it isn't cause this makes it so he upsets his enemies so much that they can't fight back. Pakitu was discovered in September of 1999 during the great Pakimon revolution. During this time is when he emerged as the true leader of the Pakimon. Many times Poofstafa, Pakimon #28, has tried to claim the leader role from Pakitu but the other Pakimon like Pakitu better than Poofstafa. Also I am tired of hearing people say Pakitu is a just a green rip-off of the Pokemon Pikatu. That is such crap. If anything Pikatu is a rip off of Pakitu. If there was a fight Pakitu would so win. Though it has never been officially stated, I believe Pakitu is Muslim. Pakitu is all and all the coolest Pakimon.

Differences between Pokemon and Pakimon
Difference #1: Pakimon are cool. Pokemon are lame.
Difference #2: Pakimon are from Pakistan. Pokemon are from Japan.
Difference #3: There are 34 Pakimon. God only knows how many Pokemon there are.
Difference #4: Pakimon keep it real. Pokemon are over commercialized.
Difference #5: Pakimon are Muslim. Pokemon are pagans.
Pakimon Adventures
Urduck Quranaton One day after practice Urduck was waddling around when Quranaton came over and said "What's up Urduck?" Well this upset Urduck and he started quacking and moaning. "What is wrong Urduck?" asked Quranaton. "I am sorry." said Urduck. "I have just been a little blue lately." "Why is that" asked Quranaton. "Well" began Urduck "I have started to question my Islamic faith." "Really" said Quranaton "Why would you do that? The whole point of religion is to just blindly follow it and not to ask questions. Knowledge is the enemy." "But why?" said Urduck. "How can I find out if Allah really exists and the writings of the Quran are true?" "Urduck" said Quranaton "you need to quit thinking so much, lets go get a beer." "Okay" said Urduck. THE END

Pakimon Links

Urduck As a super fan I have always been very amazed by the power of the Paki-ball. This little round green and white ball with the Islamic moon has facinated me since the minute I layed my eyes first on it. How a Pakimon can grow and live inside this ball is amazing. I think the Paki-ball is probably one the the greatest scientific discoveries ever made by mankind.

Hot Mamma!
Pakimamma It is true. I will admit it. I am totally and 100% in love with Pakimamma, Pakimon #33. It is a shame she is a cartoon and not for real. She has all the qualities I could ever want in a woman and she is so hot. If it was possible for humans to marry imaginary things then I would be first in line to ask Pakimamma for her hand. She is a lot like Brittney Spears but hotter. Probably the 5 hottest girls are 1. Pakimamma, 2. Brittney Spears, 3. Sailor Moon, 4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 5. Ariel the Little Mermaid. She is #1.

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