You shove open the door that says 'adoptions' and find yourself in a quite garden surrounded by trees. There are many pastel colored flowers and the grass is soft and gives way easily when you step upon it. There is a quite peace that lays upon the air and you feel as if everything around you is either in a deep slumber or drowsily observing you. For a moment, time stands still and you see everything as if from above but the spell is soon broken. 

    Turning around you realize that to your left is a cushioned swing, big enough for one to lay down on hung to an over hanging branch. It sways lazily in a delicate breeze. Sitting with her legs dangling over the edge is Syra. She turns to look at you and smiles. You feel frozen in a warm, silent embrace that slows your heart and loosens your muscles. Taking a deep breath of the sweet smelling air you move to sit next to her. 

    As if in a dream you listen as she talks to you in a low, gentle voice.

    "This is the adoption area." She says quietly. "Once in a very great while I will have adoptions open for some of the creatures that need to leave Cirth." She whistles and something comes trotting obediently out of the brush. 

    The creature is small, only about the size of a house cat but beautiful. Syra nods at it and it lays down at her feet.

    "This is Fuyu Aika, she's an elemental Kitsune Kawaii Kat. Please don't take her away from her home, she has bonded with me and will be extremely angered." 

    A kawaii....what? You think to yourself.

     "A Kawaii Kat." Syra says, as if having read your mind. "They are the main adoptions that come from Cirth. Until I am finished laying down the final barriers and closing the last portals, however they will NOT  be available for adoption."

    "At the present," Syra continues. "There are no other adoptions that are ready to be adopted until I complete Cirth sometime in late July or early August (`03) at the earliest." She smiles sadly.

   You sigh then ask. "So, is there ANYTHING for adoption?"

   "No, not at the moment, I'm sorry." She says. "But the Kawaii Kats will be ready soon. If you want one extremely bad you could join the Eastern Isle Marketplace where I sell them every once in a while. At the moment, however, they are NOT taking any new members. I would advise you don't ask them when they will because it will anger them."

    "Oh." You say, feeling depressed.

   You feel her hand, soft and delicate like cobwebs spun out of moonsilk come to rest on your hand. "Do not lose faith, please come back later and be sure to check my Marketstall  if you wish to read information on the Kawaii Kat." She whispers in your ear and suddenly is gone. A sign is hanging on the tree in front of you. 'Kawaii Kat Adopters.'



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