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Zim: Hello there humanoids. This is a Secret Lair so don't get any ideas if you are thinking that I Zim will give out secret information to you worthless humans. I just want to tell you about my show. I have episode guide, pics, secret area, and Gir Dance page. I have found though a selector that is a IZ selector Come see who you would be from my show.

Gir: I have got a party game that you can play with your friends. Go to my Fun Stuff and check it out.

Membrane: I have been working on one episode script of Tak: the hideous new girl. It will be done really soon. (Turns to Dib) Now son. What have you been working on lately?

Dib: I haven't done much at the moment on my profile page. I still need to do you dad.

Membrane: That's good son. Now run along and work what?! Go Get to work right away on it, son! there is no time to waste!

Dib: Ok. (turns to Zim who is standing at the door) What are you doing here, Zim?!

Zim: I was wondering when will you have those profiles done...I see you finally did Gaz and yours...took awile Dib-human.

Gaz: I need some more pics from anyone. Please email me them so I can put them up.

Zim: I have done it! I now have our own Message Board! Come be apart of the message board. Click on The City link on the bottom to get there.

Dib: What?! No Fair...oh wait. I mean thats excellent. I guess.

Zim: Check out this cool award I got for my site. ;)

Zim's Secret Area

Professor Membrane's Lab

Gaz Lair

Dib Character Profiles

Gir's Fun Stuff

The City

Email Zim and Gir ^-^

Gir and Zim: Please come back and visit again!

Gir: Yay! ^_^

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