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Welcome to Metaland! From the Maker of Rayquaziland on Tripod!

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Welcome to Metaland! This page, as opposed to Rayquaziland, has a favorite Pokemon as Metagross, which is actually my personal favorite! He's a legendary that is available in the EX Hidden Legends theme decks in normal and ex. Well, this page was ALSO created by Rayquaziland, just a new membername and new host at Angelfire. This page once completed will be submitted to The Pokemon Village for rating. Hopefully, it will become #1, just like its predecessor, Rayquaziland! Then, I will add a poll from Bravenet that I created on Sun 25 Jul, 04. Well, enjoy the site and come back often! See you in my new blog. It will be located in See ya. May our paths cross some day... Steven Stone...a.k.a: The New and Improved Metaland!