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Pokemon Facts and Trivia!

1. Did you know that Clefairy was originally planned to be Ash's main Pokemon? In one of the most popular manga, Ash does start off with a Clefairy, a freaky talking one! It actually makes a cameo in the Anime!

2. Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon, revealed in one interview that his favorite Pokemon was Poliwhirl!

3. Satoshi originally got his idea for Pokemon, from bugs! When he was little, him and other kids traded bugs and stuff, and so Pokemon was born!

4. Many Pokemon, especially in the first generation, had different english names before they came out. For example, Omanyte and Omastars original English names were Ess and Kargo! While Kabuto and Kabutops were Att and Lantis! Kakuna was Kokoon, Rattata was Rattatak, Ekans was Arbo, Sandslash was Sandstorm, Clefairy was Aria why Clefable was Ariala, Vulpix was Foxfire, Paras was Parasyte, Diglett was Digda, Growlithe and Arcanie were Flamey and Blaze. Abra was Hocus, while Kadabra was, you guessed it, Pocus! The Machop line was Kara-Tee, Kung-Foo, and Ju-Doh! The Tenta family was Jilly and Man O War, Rapidash was Gallop, Slowbro was Slowmo, Magnemite was Coil while Magneton was Recoil, Dewgong was Manaty, the 3 Kanto Ghosts were Spirit, Spectre, and Phantom, Cubone was Orphon while Marowak was Guardia, Lickitung was Tounguety'd. Koffing was Ny while Weezing was La, the acronyms for two of USA's smoggiest cities! Chansey was Lucky, while Tangela was Medusa. Seaking was Neptune, Scyther was Stryke, Gyrados was Skullkraken, Lapras was Ness, Eevee was Eon. Aerodactyl was Ptera, and finally Dratini and Dragonair was Dragoon and Dragyn! Phew, that was quite a few!

5. There have been quite a few Pokemon that can be considered lost. Back before Johto, around 1997, there< were a lot of Pokemon reported about in Japan. There was a blowfish named Bukuu, who probably became Qwilfish. A weird leaf thing named Hana, who might have become Chikorita. A fire Pikachu thing named Honouguma, which probably ended up as Cyndaquil. A two headed Giraffe, named Kirinriki (The same Japanese name for Girafarig, this is obviously a prototype.). Kurusu, this weird snow seal thing. Mariru, Marill's Japanese name, the pre version was purple! A meaner looking Ledyba. Then two nameless Pokemon, one that looks like a Clefairy/ Hitmontop and the other a turtle thing. And then there was a slightly different looking Tyranitar. You can see all these on Meowth's site, at Pokefor!

6. There were also a few protos of some Advanced Pokemon, for Skitty, Combushken, and Swampert.

7. The Japanese version of Crystal came with a device that used cell phone technology, to communicate with other players!

8. Pokemon Diamond and Jade were games sold on Ebay. There fake, but do look pretty cool. They were based off some Japanese game, and the fake version included new monsters, graphics taken right from Zelda, and a weird cell phone battle system. There is a real Diamond version scheduled to come out soon!

9. You may know there are 28 version of Unknown, in shapes of all 26 alphabets and the exclamation and question marks. And you may know of Deoxys 4 forms, attack, speed, defense, and normal. But did you know there are over 1,000 combinations of Spinda's spot pattern? You probably will never see two Spinda that are the same!

10. Pokemon Green was the first Pokemon game, ever. It was released only in Japan, alongside Red, and had different sprites and stuff. Then Blue version replaced it in America, although a Blue version did come out in Japan. That is why we have a Leaf Green and not a Ocean Blue, even know it probably confused many kids.

11. Porygon 2 is the only Johto or Kanto Pokemon not to appear in the Anime or Movie. Porygon only appeared in one episode, Electric Soldier Porygon, but was banned everywhere because a incident causing seizures. Porygon got a bad name from this, even know it wasn't his fault, so I guess the writers didn't want to use Porygon 2.

12. Team Rocket once had a Ditto. In a Radio Drama released only in Japan, we were introduced to Mondo, a TR member who supplied James and Jessie with all their supplies. He traded his Ditto for their Meowth, but in the end James and Jessie reunited with Meowth. Mondo worshipped them and thought they were awesome, but we have never heard of him ever again!

13. Giovanni's mom was also shown in the other Radio Drama, based on Mewtwo. She didn't have a name, but she was the leader of TR until her son took over. We never hear of her again either.

14. There has only been 1 (confirmed) Japanese episode never shown in Japan ever so far. It came somewhere after the Tate and Liza Episode and the Drake Episode. It was called "Barboach and Whiscash, Sinking Island Battle! The episode involved earthquakes, but there was a recent bunch of earthquakes in Japan, so they didn't want to show it. It was then scheduled to come on December 30th, 2005. But because of the unfortunate Asian Tsunami disaster caused by earthquakes, it was cancelled again. There is no word of when it will be shown. However, I have seen previews of the episode on the web, and it doesn't look too special. Let's just hope if they never show this episode, they put Barboach in another episode, because he hasn't appeared in AG at all, besides in this episode.

15. There was also a rumor of a New Years special episode, but it was supposed to come on right after the Porygon incident, so it was never shown supposedly. There is no info of what was gonna happen in it.

16. Missingno, the infamous mystery Pokemon, first appeared in Red and Blue. If you did a certain cheat, he appeared near Cinnabar Island. He looked like some messes up sprite, and you could catch him. He learned water gun (He could learn it twice, and have two at the same time!) and fly. If he leveled up, he evolved into Kangaskan. This and the fact he appeared as a baby Kangaskan (the thing used for the move substitute) in Pokemon Stadium, many believed he was planned to be a baby form of Kangaskan, but was taken out. Others believed he was supposed to be a Flamingo, since he learned water and flying attacks. Also, his name sounds like flamingo too! He also is in R/S, if you use a Gameshark. He looks like a "?" in a circle, like in the Pokedex for the sprite of not encountered Pokemon, but if you caught him the game froze. Some people theorize the one in R/S can be changed to Pokemon using the E-Reader, because it is possible! Missingno is take out of Leaf Green and Fire Red, BTW.

17. There is a glitch in Yellow that allowed you to catch Mew. I forgot what it was, but it was very complicated. It certainly does not involve the mysterious truck in Vermilion Harbor.

18. Chimeco is currently one of the rarest non-legendary, non-event only, Pokemon you can get! There is a 2% chance of finding it in Mt. Pyre on Ruby and Sapphire!

19. Celebi is the only Pokemon you can't obtain legally in Ruby, Sapphire, Colloseum, Fire Red, Leaf Green, or any event. You can only get it in Japan with the Japanese Colloseum Bonus Disc, but in American you need to use a Gameshark or trade with a Japanese version with Celebi!

20. Nincada is the only Pokemon that can evolve simultaneously! When it evolves into Ninjask at level 20, if you have an open slot in your party and a Pokeball, you will also get a Shedinja!

21. Slugma and Spoink will die if either stops moving! Slugma will harden and Spoink's heart is pumped by it bouncing. This was not taken into account in the Anime, for obvious reasons.

22. If Shellder attaches onto Slowpoke, they become Slowbro. But if you notice Sheller does not turn into a Cloyster, but a whole new Pokemon. Will this become a real Pokemon in the future?

23. In the English Anime, Seviper is the only Pokemon who has a dual voice. The "brrts" and "hane" is taken from the Japanese version, while the "Seeeviper!" is dubbed in. In the dub, they mix these together for a pretty cool Pokemon voice. This is very evident in "Gotta Dance!" Pikachu used to sometimes been done by Racheal Lillis every once in a while, instead of Ikue Ohtani, the usual voice. This is very evident in 'School of Hard Knocks" as Pikachu sounds like a squeaky toy! This stopped about halfway through Kanto, and Ikue is now used all the time in the dub and original version.

24. If you ever see a game on Ebay called, Pokemon Go! Go! Go! Avoid it! It is a fake game boy game that takes a Smurf game, and adds in Pikachu and the Titanic theme song. It was very badly made and anyone can tell it's fake.

25. In Fire Red and Leaf Green there is a cave called Altering Cave. In it is only Zubat, although people have found other Pokemon too be in the programming of the cave. It is currently unknown how to obtain them, but E-Reader is the most likely. I think there is also one of these in Emerald too.

26. Another interesting mystery is the infamous "Giant Dragonite" in "Mystery of the Lighthouse". In it, there was a huge Dragonite shaped Pokemon. Some say it was just a Dragonite, but could it also be another Pokemon. Another interesting thing to note about that episode is Bill has Mewtwo on his door, even know it was invented after that by Team Rocket.

27. Remember that scientist in the Mewtwo movie, the one who says "We tried to clone the ultimate Pokemon, and we succeeded. Well, he actually had a back story to him. He wanted to clone his dead daughter, Amber, so he joined up with TR to get the money and help with Mewtwo cloning, hoping he could use it for his daughter. His daughter was friends with little Mewtwo, as well as some clones of Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. The other clones expired, making Mewtwo sad and probably was one of the main points of his madness. This was included on the Mewtwo Returns DVD as a bonus feature, and in the Mewtwo Radio Drama.

28. There were actually some Manga versions of some of the movies. They were only released in Japan and they were different then the actual Movie. The only one I have heard of is the Deoxys one. In the Magna, there was a evil assistant to Prof. Lund who stole Deoxys core. This was taken out of the movie, but it would have been cool if it was in it. Also Gonbe actually attacked the shadow Deoxys with a hyper beam! I also saw a 4th movie scan where Iron Masked Marauder punched Ash in the face!

29. Pikachu's Summer Festival, a mini-movie that was reportedly premiering on a Japanese airline in August 2004. I have heard nothing about what happened in it, anywhere! The only thing I know is Plusle and Minum were gonna be in it.

30. Most people may be wondering why Raikou never really appeared in the Anime, besides in a few legends and one cameo. Well, in Japan it got a 90-minute special! In, "Raikou of Thunder", Ash did not appear. The main character was a guy named Kenta, the Gold and Silver hero, who has a Typhlosion (Before the Hoenn Episode "Gonna Rule the School", Typhlosion never made a Anime appearance besides this!) and a Beedrill. There was also a girl based off the female character from Crystal, Marina, with a Croconaw, Jigglpuff, and Misdreavus. Then there was a guy named Junichi, who you may know better as Jackson. They had to save Raikou from two Team Rocket Elites, Bashou and Buson. Kenta, Marina, Bashou, and Buson sadly have not appeared again. Jackson came back in the Silver League and battles Ash; he even mentions Kenta and Marina at one part (Yoshi and Dani in the dub. Worst names ever!). Also, Professor Sebastian from the Red Gyrados episode also was in this special, as well as Eusine and Elm. Even the G/S rival appeared for a few seconds in the opening. It is a great special that aired around Master Quest and had Hoenn animation. This Special has been confirmed to air in the U.K. in May, and should come to the U.S. shortly after! 31. Snow Way Out was a episode that was rearranged due to the Porygon episode. When it aired, it came in after 'It's Mr. Mime Time!" this was very obviously misplaced as Togepi was gone, Charizard had reverted to Charmander, and the gang went from Pallet to some random snowy mountain. It was kept like this in the dub.

32. "Princess vs. Princess" and "Our Hero Meowth" was also misplaced by a few episodes, but this did not make any continuity errors. They both featured Japanese holidays, so maybe that is why they decided to change them around. Nothing important happens in these episodes, except Lickitung is caught in the Princess one.

33. For some reason, "Tentacruel and Tentacool" has not came on WB for a long time. After the 9/11 incident, the dubbers thought this was too similar to it and banned it, although it did come on Cartoon Network. I honestly don't see the relation of a terrorist attack and a giant Tentacruel attacking a city, but it's their decision. Also "Tower of Terror" also was cut for some reason, since it featured a tower…but I did see it on WB again in 04. A few other episodes got name changes so they didn't seem so 9/11 sounding like the first Orange Island episode.

34. The Pokemon Jynx was considered to be a racial stereotype, so the episode "Holiday Hi-Jynx" was never shown on TV but came out on video. Also Jynx was recolored purple in the game. And a Master Quest episode featuring one was banned, as well as a cut of one in "All That's is Bright and Beautifly!" I personally do not see what is wrong with Jynx, oh well. In a later Hoenn episode where Jynx was of important value, in the Japanese version it was recolored purple.

35. There were two other banned episodes in America. Both of them happened in early Kanto. One was "The Legend of Dratini", which was banned because the Safari Zone Warden liked to use guns too much. This is the episode where Ash got all those Tauros he has. "Beauty and The Beach" was originally banned because James wore a bikini! Nothing special happened in this episode, and it was eventually dubbed and shown around the end of the Orange Islands. But it was seriously cut and messed up. On a interesting note, Brock also caught a Tauros in the Safari Zone episode, and a scene from "Beauty and the Beach" was shown in the dubbed and original version of the episode, "Hypo's Naptime" and this was before the episode was shown in America! The James bikini scene was accidentally shown during the Pokemon Live Show, during one of the clip songs they had. And some scenes of the Safari Zone episode can be seen in the Pokerap!

36. America once produced a Pokemon Live show, with people dressed up as Pokemon. It was pretty stupid, and they even made the Giovanni "Ash, I am your father!" thing going on! I saw a transcript of it on a website once, go Google it!

37. Not too long ago, I saw some rare scans of some Japanese Manga. In it, a young boy saved a Persian from the Pound or something, that may not seem so cool, but at the end it showed the same kid grown up. It was Giovanni, this was pretty interesting, but this doesn't mean this is what happened in the Anime. But a "Origin of Giovanni" Hoso with this in it would be cool! Also, the end has a very freaky picture of a long hared, teen version of Giovanni. And I thought the scene with him in a Speedo was scary!

38. Elekid actually appeared in a Orange Island Episode called "Misty Meets Her Match". We see a sketch of something Tracey saw, which is definitely Elekid's plug head! I thought Pokemon 2000 was when he first appeared.

39. In an Orange Island episode named "The Mandarin Island Miss Match!" the gang met this woman named Prima. The weird thing is, she was obviously the E4 member Lorelei from Red and Blue. Why did they change her name in the dub? I still don't know, maybe the dubbers did not realize who it was, because in the original they call her Lorelei's Japanese name.

40. Corphish may hint at a new region. In one of its dex entries, they mention it was imported from another place. Where has never been said. This leads to some speculation.

41. There is a Colloseum Manga, it was a pseudo strategy guide also! I don't know if it revealed more about Wes's past, but I do know they gave Mirror B. a bigger role.

42. Supposedly, GameFreak produced all the Pokemon at once, and are releasing them in-groups. Except, they make Baby and new evolutions based off the popularity of a Pokemon, or if its underused.

43. "Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?" was originally shown in the US like 40 some episodes early, around "Bulbasaur the Ambassador!" during a special all new week on WB. Now, it always comes on its original order, after "Same Old Song and Dance!"

44. Many early Johto episodes were accidentally messed up in order in the dub. The Hoenn episode, "Love at First Flight!" was also changed in order, so they could get to the two-part Misty special sooner! Nothing happened in this episode that messed the continuity at all.