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Knight of Time's Home Page

Hi, and welcome to my new TPM/Super Mario World: Mario and Luigi's Double Trouble! page. In the TPM half, you will find pretty much everything new about me related to the great world of PCG, which includes my adopted and captured Pokemon I've had since my successful return, my Expedia Pokemon, and my AC/CC items. In the Super Mario World: Mario and Luigi's Double Trouble! section, you will find a download of the final demo of this Super Mario World hack.

This page wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the following people from TPM, SMWCentral, or Acmlm's Board:


Lady Vulpix- for helping me in general with various AC/CC situations.

Just about everyone involved in ASB, PCG and/or AC/CC- for being such great friends.
Kevin- for making TPM what it is today.

Fellow SMW Hackers from SMWCentral and Acmlm's Board:

FuSoYa- for making Lunar Magic and Demo World: The Legend Continues (aka one of the best SMW hacks I've ever played), and allowing me to use the GFX for the No Mario Block found in DW: TLC.
Ghettoyouth- for making the Darken Pause patch.
smkdan- for making Block Tool Super Deluxe.
mikeyk- for making the SMB3 style pipes, and for making Sprite Tool.
Glyph Phoenix- for making the Counter Break Y and PalEnemy patches.
Smallhacker- for giving me back my hack after that big computer crash (good thing I sent it to you when you wanted to know about one of my previous problems), for helping me with various Sprite Tool related situations, for making the separate Luigi GFX patch,
purplebridge001- for making the classic Fireball patch.
Fuzzyfreak- for making the two players only patch.
MrCheeze- for making the SMW-Fix patch.
HyperHacker- for making Mario World Reconfigurator.
BMF54123- for making the Fade Fix patch, and for helping me and Davros with the On/Off Movement Block situation.
smwedit/edit1754, Keikonium, Buu-Huu, Cirvante, DarkNebula, Pac, and FPI: for making their respective ExGFX used in my hack, to FPI, for allowing me to use your Scrap Brain Zone ExGFX, and to Pac, for letting me use some of the ExGFX from your SMW ExGFX hack, thanks you two.
Romi- for allowing me to use a few of your custom sprites, and for all your help on my situation of getting layer priority into a vertical level.
smwedit/edit1754: For making the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch.
Roy- for helping me get a tide into my first castle via ASM and Xkas. .
namenumbers/Spade- for making the GFX for the Chucks in my snow/ice world
Various other SMW hackers (Juggling Joker, Bloodstar, Alastor the Stylish, just to name a few) for helping me at various times in the past and present versions of my hack.
Acmlm and XKeeper- for making Acmlm's Board what it is today (even though I'm a more common sight on SMWCentral now).

My TPM Stuff

My Adopted Pokemon
My Captured Pokemon
My Expedia Pokemon
My ASB Team
My AC/CC items



My Favourite Web Sites

The Pokemasters
For Boards
Acmlm's Board

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!