Rank: Knight under Pharae..

Age: 23 Years Old.

Alvein is a rather paranoid and pessimistic person, always rather negative about things and expressing his ideas from time to time. Despite this, he has pretty good social skills and manages to make a number of close friendships with a several people. He's not too strong willed or enthuastic about doing important matters, but he always keeps up the fact that he has to do his best for every job given to him.

Relationships: Alvein has a close friendship and rivalry with Eaichu. Lord Alvein knows Synthetic very well and talks to her whenever he finds the time to be with her. He has met Aquata, SummerWolf and Yume during expeditions to other countries and talks to them and has bonded a friendship with each of them. He also knows Iris from talking to her from time to time.

Story: Joins TerrangimaFreak on his expedition aganist the bandits in the first chapter.

Support Conversations: Eaichu, Synthetic, Summer Wolf, Aquata, Yume, Iris, Juigi, TerrangimaFreak