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Old News and Updates

Welcome to My Old Updates Page! This is the page I put old site news and updates here. Please Enjoy it! ^U^
2.17.03 - Yo! Happy President's day! So chill and have a great time at The Pok'emon Connection. I have added Pok'emon Ruby and Pok'emon Pinball Cheats and codes.
2.18.03- What's up ya'll? Hey, please have a good stay at The Pok'emon Connection!
2.19.03 - I have no school for 3 days in a row due to icy roads and bridges. Do you know what that means? I can update everyday that I don't have school. :) Yay!!!
2.20.03- Hey, What's up? Nothing much. Just chilling. I have school today. Catch you later! I added My Adopted Pok'emon to Interactive.
2.21.03 - Hey, You all know this means!?! It is the weekend! YAY!!! I love weekends!! Enjoy!!! I added Old Updates and News! I added Our Staff.
2.23.03 - Weekend is almost over! The other day I saw this pok'emon thingy about the new Pok'emon Ruby and Sapphire! It was awsome!
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