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You enter a small building the size of a PokeCenter.

"Welcome, You for the Orange League." Nurse Joy said.

You nod.

"Okay, then follow me." Nurse Joy says and starts walking.

You follow her to a rather small room.

"Here is list of the Gyms. There are 4.You have to beat the Gym Leaders then you are aloud to battle Drake, the Leader of the Orange League."

You look at the list.

Badge - Holder

Coral Eye - Cissy Open!

Sea Ruby - Danny Open!

Spike Shell - Rudy Open!

Jade Star - Luana Open!

"Thoughs are the 4 badges you nead to collect to have the chance to battle Drake." She explains "When battleing Drake it is a 6-on-6 match and the pokemon you use must be on your line up."

Winners Trophy - Drake Taken!