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Pichu's Rpg

Hello. Welcome. I am the Leader of this Rpg. I hope you like it.

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The Psychic Network

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Updates: 07/10/02 2:45PM

I deleted everyone becuase nobody is playing! I am still happy to receive joining people, and I will try to keep up. Well thats all I got to say! Al Veda Saying(Its like FRench or something)!

02/25/03 3:45PM

Hey! I've been busy but hopefully I can start updating more. There has been several people trying to join BUT they did NOT fill the whole form up. You have to fill all the form out. Somebody tried to join as Lance, I accidently delleted the form, please send it in again. I just added a guy named Spike. Peace Out!

01/21/02 5:00PM

Hey everyone have you been watching the Road To Indigo on Kids WB? Instead of random Pokemon shows, they are going from the start to end of the Pokemon Shows! Well all I did was change the layout of all the members. Hope you like the way it is!

01/20/02 10:42AM

Not Much, just added a new trainer, Tidus!

01/17/02 7:36PM

Hi! Well this site has been up for longer then 6 months but I just started working on it a couple of months ago. Well I just love the new tables!! We just got 2 more people who signed up(Blasty and Buzzbuy)so we have a total of 4 people!!! Please remember to sign my guestbook and vote for me(The link to the site to vote to me is woking right but the picture isn't)! Peace Out!