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February 25, 04

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PLUGGAGE t0 t3H maXx, y0~ Allison (I spelled her name right! w00t. This girl whose AIM is runningqueen something or other said she was her good friend and she spelled your name with one L so I was confused. XD), David, Angela, and Alyssa. w00t.

Because my memory sucks and my brain is completely burnt right now, I will only blog about what happened today as opposed to the 5 days I didn't blog.

Hokay, so I have this big English biography project due tomorrow and I just finished it 10 minutes ago. My teacher assigned it... oh, 2 or so weeks ago. -__- I procrastinate like no other. *prods you* I now know far more than I need to know about Socrates. Why Socrates? The biographies on interesting people were either taken or under 200 pages. I wanted to do Leonardo Da Vinci, but the book was only 150 pages. So, I randomly picked a *cough* nice, 200-page-book about Socrates because there was about 2 minutes of class left. Blarb. I didn't even read it until yesterday.

Ooh... the weather is PWNING right now! This morning I awoke to really strong winds and heavy rain. Why can't it be like this every day? *sigh* Well, nobody was at the bus stop I use to get to school, so my mom drove me. Not to school, though, because the moment we left, the bus stop started filling up. >_>; So, she dropped me off at the bus stop. I got a seat for the first time in a while and Calvin took the other one a few stops down. Since the defrosters on the bus were on, the windows were all fogged up. Calvin was laughing about how the girls in front of us couldn't write backwards (on the window). I mean, if you were to look at their message from the outside, it would say "DEVON <3 I" and all reversed, too. I tried to write "BRIAN IRELAND OWNS YOU" all nice and big on the window, but I couldn't... until the 2 girls in front of us got off. Fuahahaha. Then Calvin took their seat and used the entire window to write "BRIAN IRELAND OWNS YOU". Hahaha... people on the bus were like "Brian... Ireland... owns you? Wtf?" But I was laughing my ass off. Until I got up and the guy I was behind farted or something. XD; it was icky.

Let's see... nothing too exciting happened until 5 history, when we had a chance to get extra credit if we recited the Preamble. The guy who sits in front of me hates me, I guess (like the guy in geometry! *gasp*), because the entire time I was stumbling through the Preamble, he made a show of mocking me. Bitch. Oh well, doesn't matter.

Hokay, then about 2 hours or so later came geometry. Gina had her backpack zipper jammed t0 t3h maXx, y0~. It was really messed up. The zipper zipped and caught onto like... 1 or 2 inches of the canvas the backpack's made of. So instead of paying attention in class, I focused on fixing her backpack. After 15 minutes or so, I fixed it. waHAHAHA. According to Gina, 2 teachers couldn't get it, but I could. Haha.

GO TO THIS SITE. You know you want to.

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February 20, 04

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El Plug-os = David, Angela (new layout), and Allison (or is it Alison? x_x;).

Hmmm... my internet died for approximately 2 days. Half of Wednesday, all of Thursday, and this morning. Wark. For most of Thursday, I sat in front of the computer with the LAN status box up while PSPing (Photoshop Puke) and then after a while, I got bored and gave up. I succumbed to VH1's I Love The 80's Strikes Back. That's some good material right there.

The same day as the I Love The 80's Strikes Back slave-ness, I found out that my computer is host to... oh, 10+ parasites. Wonderful. Thank Peter's God (don't ask... dumb inside joke) for Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy.

Just because I feel sympathy for you guys, I'm going to have a Something Corporate layout break. The next layout I'll have won't be Something Corporate, but after that, it's back to SoCo videos. I'm thinking to do iF yoU C Jordan next and I Woke Up In A Car last. Maybe Ruthless if it comes out in time.

I plug Angela again because she booted D and she has those spiffy skins. I mean, um... it was such a sad sight to see him go. *nods* And I plug Allison/Alison again because she has spiffy skins too. Okay, one more plug for Alli... Ali... um, Delusion because I suck and can't spell your name. x_x;

w00t-ness March 18 @ The Warfield: Something Corporate/Yellowcard w/Steriogram. I've never heard of Steriogram before, but since their bassist listens to The Matches, I have reason to think they're pretty good. ^^;

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