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Weird Pokemon Info

Weird Pokemon Info

Got Skateboard?
(This is pretty old, but just for the sake of it..) Before the release of Pokemon Gold/Silver, it was believed that the new mode of transportation in those games would be a skateboard rather than a bike, like in Red/Blue/Yellow/Green, and even some video game magazines reported on it as being true! It was also believed, before G/S came out, that you would be able to play as a girl, but as we all know, that opportunity didn't come until Pokemon Crystal..

S.S. Anne Episodes
Sent in by "Pokegurl"
On the episode where the S.S. Anne sinks under water, thats physically impossible. Everyone wuld be crushed by the water pressure. Also, on "Island of the Giant Pokemon" Charmander goes underwater with the rest of them(In the train cart) Wouldn't his tail go out, therefore killing him?

More about Charmander..
If "steam is said to spout from it's tail when it rains" but how is this possible if when a Charmander's fire on it's tail goes out, it dies?

Actually, I think I may have figured this one out. Diglett is not a mole, like the kind that lives in the ground, it's the kind you get on your skin! So this means that the Pokemon Diglett, is nothing more than a joke! But there are other mysteries about this little mole, like why it only has dirt around it and what it's bottom half looks like. A few theories of how dDiglett's bottom half looks are: a drill the same as the top, except without eyes, a nose and paws and feet with sharp claws (that would explain how it can use "Scratch" attack, and "Slash").

Is Venonat a cannibal???
That's the question I started to ask after reading one of it's Pokedex entries that says it's an "Insect" Pokemon, but it also says that it EATS insects!! EEEEW!!

What's the deal with Dunsparce? I mean, it's PATHETIC and the card even worse than it is on the game! (It has 30HP and an attack for 1 colorless energy that does 10 damage and can paralize) Hopefully Dunsparce is like Magikarp and will somehow in the future be able to evolve into it's own kind of "Gyrados", otherwise, this is one sad Pokemon!

Is Delibird posing as Santa, or is it just a coincidence? What do I mean by this you ask? Notice that Delibird is red and white. What kind of colors are that for an ICE type pokemon? It also has the move called "PRESENT", carries a SACK around and it even looks like it has a beard for God sake!!!

Ok, now we all know that Pokemon come from eggs, but why does the Pokedex say that it uses seeds to create more Oddishes? Looks like SOMEONE needs to get their facts straight....

Victreebel swallows it's food whole, right? Then why does it have teeth? It's not like it needs them...

If "Sing" makes everyone who hears it fall asleep, how can people use that attack? How do the trainers prevent themselves from falling asleep? And also, wouldn't Pokemon who learn the move sing be immune to it? 'Cause if they were not, they'd end up putting themselves to sleep!
--Possible explanation sent in by "Pokegurl":
"I have an explination to why pokemon with sing can put to sleep other pokemon with sing, and why trainers don't go to sleep, when each pokemon sings they have a different wavelegnth. A pokemon is immune to its own, and People aren't affected by it, just a hypothises."

--But the thing is people are affected by it. After all, there is an episode where Drowzee and Hypno are used to help people fall asleep, so this contenues to be a mystery...

In Red/Blue, Lickitung doesn't even learn LICK! What's with that?

Brock the Magician
In the episode "Clefairy Tales", when Ash and Misty jump off of the space ship they don't get Brock's backpack, then in a later scene he has it again! Is Brock magic?

Changing Colors Lapras
If you watch any of the episodes from the Orange League, you'll see that the bottom of Lapras's mouth keeps turning blue instead of light yellow! Umm.. Oops..?

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