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Famous Anarchists and Radicals

Here is a part of the site dedicated to those writers, fighter, martyrs, and countless other individuals who know or knew the cause and supported until their death. Part requiem, part informative, here are short descriptions of fellow anarchists and others a part of revolutionary ideas:

Pierre Joseph Proudhon- the man referred to as the father of modern Anarchism. He believed that through the evolution of people's ethical nature and responsibility that government would become antiquated. "Order of Anarchy"

Mikhail Bakunin- Oh hell yea, now for the great Russian revolutionaire. A repudiator of Marxist theory(which he debates in the book Marxism, Freedom and the State), a conspirator against the Tzar, activist, and sweet ass writer.

Emma Goldman- Wow another Russian anarchist. A true ardent anarchist, feminist, riot inciter(which she was once imprisoned for), and a stong proponent for love without marriage and birth control. Along wiht Alexander Berkman, this dynamic duo sure did do some serious political ass whooping.

Peter Kropotkin- Once an aristocratic prince, Kropotkin soon became one of anarchism's biggest writers and theorists in social change and the better living for all of humanity. He has touched on topics such as morality and ethics, mutual aid (the challenge to social Darwinism), and other social injustices present in an oppressive society.

Errico Malatesta- Another wealty anarchist, he used his wealth in support of his political proclivities and railing against the system. As a writer and a propogandist, he is heavily influenced by Bakunin in the fact that he believes in direct action, land seizure, and general strike. Ass kicking indeed.

Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Venzetti- The most famous of the Italian Galleani Anarchists. These two immigrants where tried and executed in the infamous South Braintree Mass., case where a paymaster and a guard of a shoe factory were murdered and $15,000 was stolen. The trial was a biased travesty of what justice in America is and now Sacco and Venzetti are martyrs in the name of anarchism.

William Godwin- A clergyman who was the first to use anarchist theories in his writings. An opponent of violence and marriage.

Andrew Berkman: failed at assasinating Andrew Carnegie's second hand man Henry Frick.

Leo Czolgosz: assasinated President William Mckinley. This action epitomized anarchy's misrepresention and the discrepancies in some of Emma Goldman's works.

Gaetano Bresci: assasinated Italy's King Umberto to avenge the deaths of Milan massacre in 1898.


Remember this is anarchy's past, so who will be a part of it's future? Support all of those detained in political oppression. Join up with the new movements such as the Anti-Capitalist Convergence, Black Bloq, etc. Revolt!