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Junkers Ju-52
Ju-52 was designed by Junkers in the thirties mainly used as transporter for the German Air force in WWII. Junkers Ju-52 is powered by 3 Pratt & Whitney nine-cylinder-radial engines with a maximum speed of 330km/h, a maximum altitude at 5,800m and a maximum range of 825km. It is capable of carrying 16 passengers or 10,500kg goods. D-AQUI was built in April 1936 at the Junkers Aircraft Factory in Dessau. The production number was 5489. It was one of the seventy Ju-52es that formed the backbone of the Lufthansa fleet in the late thirties. It flew for the Lufthansa with this registration number until mid-1936. In 1984, this Ju-52 was purchased by Lufthansa again. It was then completely restored by Lufthansa technicians and mechanics. This airplane was re-registered as D-AQUI, named as "Berlin Tempelhof" and went back into service in April 1986, fifty years after its production. This airplane was in operation for more than 15 years after the restoration. The airplane now clocked up 10,000 flights totaling 5,000 flight hours with 110,000 passengers.
Photographed by Gerry Hill.

Special thanks to Andreas Zube and Gerry Hill for contributing their photos to this page.

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