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Chosonminhang barf bag The North Koreans made this nice piece of barf bag from their very limited resources in their country.

A huge black & white graphic can be seen in the center of this barf bag. The printing features a Chosonminhang IL-62 flying on top of North Korean mountains and the company logo on the bottom with the wordings "For your refuses" in the middle in both English and Korean.

This barf bag is handmade from a large piece of brown paper. The logo and wordings, together with folding marks, were printed on it by Black & White photocopier.

There is, however, a plastic layer on the inside of this handmade item making it waterproof! (Fantastic!)

It is not only a barf bag but also a nice piece of art from North Korea.

Special thanks to Wolfgang Woerner for contributing this barf bag to Kimchi & Insam's Avaition Page.

Size: 24.6 (L) X 12.2 (W) mm