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About Me

Hi Well.. Where to start....
My name is Laura I live in Myrtle Beach S.C. I love animals so I have 3 cats Maxx, Tigger, and Mew also 1 puppy Houndoom. (GEE i wonder where some of those names came from :P) I of corse love Poke`mon they are the cutest by far. I do have my favs but I have so many favs I don't have space to list them all. :) I do collect the cards and you can trade with me I am trust worthy. I also watch the show every saterday and if I cant watch it I tape it! Some other shows I watch are Cardcaptors Digimon and I LOVE DBZ Trunks is my fav charactor on there. He looks like one of my best friends Joel. I always say if he dyed his hair pinkish purple he would be a real life Trunks (he is cute too) LoL (and single ladies) :) My fav bands include Britney Spears and HANSON yes thats right I LOVE HANSON. My first true loves!!!!! :P Well if you want to chat I have AIM my nick is Pika982000 and sometimes not often do I use yahoo as Pika98_2000. Well, Hope you had fun learning all about ME!!!!!!!!!!