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Update:Saturday,Feb. 24 6:10 P.M,2001- I'm actually updating! The purpose for this strange phenomenom is that I want to say that I am gonna change this site to a good one. It will have frames,more pics,more or should I say will have updates, characters or let's call 'em the cast which is me just with a different personality depending on what one's writing. ((Now for a taste of things to come))
gamecubekid-Cool! The 2 new eps of Digimon rocked that was a pretty interesting episode with the Digimon appearing in the city of Kyoto. I mean all this time I thought Sora's parents divorced. And then Magna Angemon's return(whoo!) bet everybody thought highly of that. Blackwargreymon almost got sucked in to that gate of destiny but Blackwargreymon's no quitter and wouldn't give up his mission to destroy the destiny stones so he blew it up causing Magna Angemon to digivolve into Patamon and left after seeing Qinglongmon appear and dissappear again.(sure makes an exit doesn't he?)In other news while searching around on my daily/whenever I can get around to it rounds. Breifly after finishing I checked the Digimon Heaven site again (When I had first visited it it wasn't updated)and found an interesing update by Digilord it is listed below. Also at Toei's site I saw a picture of ep 46.
It would appear that Blackwargreymon doesn't die in ep 37 judging by this pic.
(From a Toyfair- The "Digimon" section was filled with new items, most of which focused on Season 3. Yes, we had the chance to learn about the upcoming show, which has not even started in Japan. Details on the show were sketchy, though, since the Toy Fair presentation was designed for store buyers, not for information on the show. However, we were able to get these details: Terriermon, who was introduced in the Digimon movie, will be one of the starring Digimon. His owner, Henry Willis, is in it as well. The Digi-destined are fighting against the evil Impmon, who also can become Beezlemon. It looks like the cast is all going to be new, with no hold overs. In fact, there is a new Digimon who looks almost like the offspring of Patamon and Gatomon. Note, we were not allowed to photograph most of the Bandai booth. We were allowed to photograph this scary thing from Season Three, though:(sorry but the pic didn't work, I'll have it up soon) Now on to the toys. The really nice, stand out toys for this line have always been the transforming ones. The upcoming ones for the next season look particularly nice, much better than the current ones. Bandai is also expanding this section of the line by offering larger transforming toys. There were three main characters shown. The only one I recognized was Terriermon and his other forms. The other two were entirely new. First, there was Growlmon, who is the new dinosaur style character for the show. Growlmon looks a lot more vicious than previous ones dinosaur Digimon. His current deco consists of a nice tasteful red with some navy detailing. The other new character was a Kitsune-based digimon. Kitsune are fox spirit tricksters from Japan who have multiple tails. This one also looked very nice with an orange and white color scheme. In addition, this character had nine tails. Here is the product list for the transforming Digimon toys for 2001: 5 Inch Digivolving Figures Growlmon who becomes War Growlmon Kyubimon who becomes Taomon Gargomon who becomes Rapidmon Renamon who becomes Sakuyamon 8 Inch Digivolving Figures Guilmon who becomes Gallantmon Terriermon who becomes Mega Gargomon Impmon who becomes Beelzemon Here are the rest of the Digimon items that we were allowed to photograph: (These images didn't work either, I'll post them when I get 'em) Show Info- Just as the second season was titled Zero 02, Season 3 will be titled, "Digimon Tamers." Three new Digidestined kids will be introduced and a mysterious orphan Digimon will hold the key to Digivolving. They will all possess a new, more powerful digivice called the D-Arc's. The extent of it's powers and capablities have not been revealed yet. Terriermon will be one of the new Digimon and next season's main character. The others, a dragon-like Digimon, fox-like Digimon and koala-like Digimon will be introduced. The Dragon Digimon will be named something like Gillmon or Girumon. He was introduced in a Japanese Flamedramon promo that had a pic of a 3D Flamedramon taken from US booster 3. There is no mention of Willis being Terriermon's partner. Rumor: "Tai, Yolei, Davis, Kari, Matt, TK and the characters we have grown to love will not return in Season 3, but a new group of Digidestined will be introduced." I've seen this posted on a lot of newsgroups, clubs and websites. It remains to seen if this does happen.) Well it would appear that if Digilord's right we won't see the old digidestined anymore. *sobs* Oh well if I thought this right then "Digimon Tamers" will take place mostly in america since that's where Willis lives.

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