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The Ultimate Pokemon RPG

Hi. That raichu up there is me in a middle of a battle. This site is the best rpg ever made(i think). There's a battling thing here. Just if you like Charizard doesn't mean the ref has the right to say he wins automatically unless there speed or other stuff are higher than the others. You can only be 1st form pokemon starting out. This site has to do with pokemon training, battling, playing, feeding, and others. Trainers can also catch wild pokemon. No pokemon can refuse to have a trainer. You'll find this a good place to be.

Hello. Merry christmas fellow pokemon trainers. I will hold a special pokemon battle tournament today CHRISTMAS DAY. All people that come get a pokemon that i choose. I will come on in the pm part of the day. It'll make it harder for you to know when i am coming. One more thing, Everyone can choose pokemon from numbers higher than 150. except mew and mewtwo. we have a special event for mew and mewtwo's arrival. Good luck trainers.

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