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...A world where evil conquers.

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Hello and welcome to our site dedicated to the funniest, cutest and the hottest bad guys ever- Team Rocket!

It is our first attempt to make a website, so we hope it reaches your expectations!^_^ If you have any suggestions or questions about this site, feel free to contact us!

WARNING! This page is purely Team Rocket, purely other words, this is an
So if you are expecting stuff about the twerps, sorry to disappoint you, but there aren't gonna be any....

Back to business. There're lots to do in our page, including LOADS of pics (no jokes!), sounds and movies for you to download, an adoption agency, a monthly poll, fan fics and art.....and much, MUCH more! All you have to do is just to click on the link you want to go on either side, and you'll be there!


March 20th, 2000

Hello Team Rocket Fans! This is Skating_Rocket, bringing you with yet another update! Sorry I couldn't update much last week, but I had A LOT of projects to do....and I can see that hits had dropped because of I'll try to update more often!

As for updates, we added more pictures! There are now 20 more Jesse pics, 10 more JAMES pics, and 22 more Meowth pics! Of course MORE PICS would be coming!

Some of you may have noticed that the *coming soon signs are gone. But those sections are still under construction. So if you click on them it's going to bring you to the angelfire website saying "this page does not exist" or something like that. This problem WILL be fixed soon though!

More updates. I've added a few more entries in the alphabet game, and speaking of games, I'm going to make several Team Rocket "Mad Libs" for your enjoyment! Look for it really soon! Hehe tomorrow I'm gonna get the "Mewtwo Strikes Back" vid! I can't wait! REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR MY SITE!!!!!! WE NEED MORE VOTES TO STAY ALIVE!!! Ciao for now!

Done? Remember to vote for us in "Jesse's 50 Most Evil TeamRocket Sites" by clicking the banner below.

If you don't, this is what will happen to you:

HEHE!!!! Just Joking!!!! Until next time!! Looks like We're blasting off again!

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