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Angry Jigglypuffs At the cave level save one or more jigglypuffs . Then at the end of the level throw a pester ball at them or play the flute and watch them get offended.

Arcanine and Growlithe At the end of the volcano level you'll see 3 small volcanos on your right. Throw pesterballs into all 3. Sometimes a Growlithe will appear and sometimes an Arcanine will appear. It is possible to get three Growlithe and three Arcanine, but that is difficult to do.

Chansey To get Chansey, go to the beach level. After the bridge and the long grass Eevee is chasing a white ball throw a Poke food at the ball and if you hit it, the ball will turn into Chansey.

Charizard To photograph a Charizard, throw an apple at the Charmeleon by the lava pool near the end of the volcanic level. If you knock him in the lava he will evolve into a Charizard.

Charmeleon Volcano Level- If you want to see a Charmeleon before the end of the level, throw an apple between the Magmar and the Charmander. Magmar will kill Charmander and he will evolve into Charmeleon

Dancing Snorlax While going by Snorlax, play your pokeflute to watch him dance. He will dance diffrently when you play the different songs on your pokeflute. The first song scores the highest.

Ditto In the begining of the cave level, throw Pesterballs at the Bulbasaurs and they will turn into Ditto.

Double K.O. Magmars Right after you pass the Moltres egg you`ll see on the right two Magmars. Throw food between the two Magmars.If done correctly get ready for some fast photography, because the two Magmars will K.O. each other with flamethrowers. I got over 5,000 pts.with this shot. If done incorrectly one magmar will pick up the food and the other will pummel it with flames. A good shot but only worth 4,000 pts.

Dragonite In the valley stage, when you get to the whirlpool, throw some pester balls into it and Dragonite will appear.

Dratini To get a photo of dratini, go to the stage where you photograph the dragonite. Photograph it then throw pester balls to the left of it and a dratini will pop out.

Dugtrio In the Tunnel Stage, photograph the Diglett that pops up next to the Pikachu. The Diglett will run away and then the Pikachu will run after it. Photograph the Diglett again. Repeat this process until Dugtrio finally comes up.

Get Muk In the Cave there are two grimers. Take lots of pictures of them. When the third appears near the three bulbasaurs, take a picture. Now throw lots of pester balls at him. He will evolve into Muk.

Goldeen At the beginning of the Valley stage after the squirtle shells, throw pesterballs into the middle of the lake. Goldine will appear and disappear very fast, so Snap fast!

Group of Charmanders In the volcano level, the Moltres egg will stop your vehicle. You can sit here as long as you want. Throw an apple near a Charmander, and it will tell all it's buddies there's food to be had. Throw food at the other one and he'll call even more. You can get up to six Charmanders, and you can lure them closer with the pokemon food. To get them to hold still and look straight at you for an AWESOME picture, play the Poke Flute.

Gyarados First, at the beginning of the level you have to hit a Magikarp at the Mankey. Then later on, by one of the waterfalls the Magikarp will fall down. Throw a pesterball at it and he will go into the waterfall. Then, out comes a Gyrados.

Lapras At the beginning of the beach course, look at the ocean to the right until a Lapras appears. It can barely be seen. Snap it about 5 or 6 times. Then, after the Meowth, focus on the ocean to the right until a Lapras appears more close up. Snap it about 5 or 6 more times. Then, at the bridge, look at the ocean to the right. If no Lapras appears, the trick has worked right. A little while farther at the Kangaskhan, look at the ocean to the right. Two Lapras will appear kind of far away. Snap the one on the right a couple times and another Lapras will appear really close-up for an excellent photo!

Magneton In the tunnel level, throw apples at the 3 magnamites. Lure them together and they will form a triangle,take a picture and it will be a magneton.

Mew While traveling in the Rainbow Cloud, hit Mew with apples or Pester Balls untill he leaves his Psychic Barrier. As he flies to get back in, throw a Pester Ball at him he will Spin with Sparkles. Keep doing this, it's a Great Photo opportunity!

Mythical Birds Each of the three birds will be in an egg. The first Mythical bird is Moltres (he is in the Volcano level), he will be easy to find since his egg is blocking your path. all you have to do is hit the egg with pokemon food or pester balls and a moltres will emerge from the hot lava To get Zapdos you must lure pikachu to the egg sitting in the tunnel then play a pokeflute. If you did it right pikachu will hit the egg and he will shoot the egg out and the egg will blow up revealing Zapdos. Articuno: Play your Pokeflute when you see the Jynx and the egg.

Porygon in its True Colors About halfway through the River level, you will get a chance to scare two Porygons out from their hiding place. When the come out, they will look like grass and wood. Keep throwing Pester Balls at them, and eventually their camoflauge will fall off and they will look their normal pink and blue colors.

Posing Pikachus It seems everyone's favorite Pokemon is just looking for a photo op. Here's some locations for some very special photographs. To see Pikachu rolling on a ball go to the Tunnel. When you start the stage take pictures of the Pikachu immediately. He should move farther down. Keep taking his picture. He will stop and jump on a rolling Electrode. To see Speed Pikachu go to the River. At the very end on your left you should see Pikachu hiding behind a tree. Throw an apple at Pikachu and it should fall down. Then he will run back and forth as the Speed Pikachu. To see Pikachu surfing go to the Beach. Throw apples at the first Pikachu you see. Throw the apples on the right side of your tracks. There will be a surf board there so try to lead him there. If you do it right he will surf. To see Pikachu on a stump go to the Beach stage. The first time you see Meowth chasing a pidgey out of the long grass, throw pester balls into the long grass to get Scyther. After you get Scyther, 2 Pikachus should come out to the stump on your left side. Lead them with apples and play the poke flute. In the cave, towards the end, you will see a zubat carrying Pkachu. Hit the zubat with apples and pesterballs until he drops Pikachu. Pikachu will sprout balloons and fly away. Save Pikachu from the Zubat in the Cave and awaken Articuno from his egg by playing the Pokeflute. When you get to the end of the level next to where Jigglypuff's stage is, turn around and you'll see Pikachu riding on Articuno.

Sandslash and Sandshrew On the River stage hit all the Geodudes with Pester Balls. This will allow you to get great shots of them, but it will also bring Sandshrew and Sandslash out of hiding in the ground.

Save the Jigglypuff On Level 5 there will be a koffing chasing a jigglypuff in three different spots. Throw pokemon food or pester balls at the koffing to make them stop. If you free all 3 jigglypuff they will sing for you at the end of the level.

Scyther In the beach level , when you first see meowth coming out of the grass keep on throwing pester balls into the bushes. when the grass ends u will see leaves poping out and scyther will come out.

Slowbro In the River level, lead Slowpoke to the Shellder sign with Pokemon food. It will go fishing. Then a Shellder will bite onto it's tail and it will evolve into Slowbro.

Snorlax In the beach level when you see the big black blob on the right of Pikachu's surfboard play the poke flute.

Starmie Take one picture of Staryu on the valley course. After that follow Staryu to the whirlpool, and you'll Staryu go into it and Starmie will come out.

Victreebell To take a picture of Victreebell, knock the Weepinbell on the Cave stage into the water where it will evolve into a Victreebell. Take lots of pictures of it. The Weepinbell is found after the three transformed Dittos, which are Bulbasur, you will first run into the Koffing and the Jigglypuff.

Vileplume In river on your right you will see a red mushroom inhaling poisinous gas. Use the poke flute and Vileplume will jump up and start dancing

How to Pass the River Stage At the end of the level on the right side you see a switch. Above the switch you will see a bump on the wall. Throw a pesterball at it and a porygon will jump out and land on the switch

How to hit the Valley Switch At the beginning of the level, throw pesterballs at the squirtles to make them leave the river. Further down the river you'll find the squirtles sunning themselves at the base of a steep hill. At the top is a mankey. As you pass the squirtles, throw pesterballs at them, causing them to roll up the hill. If your timing is right, the mankey will fall down and land near the switch. As you approach the switch, throw another pesterball at the mankey, knocking him backwards onto the switch.

Rainbow Cloud Stage To get to the secret level (Level #7 The Rainbow Cloud Stage) take pictures of these following landmarks on all of the 6 stages: Stage#1 - The Kingler rock formation is on the left after you pass Pikachu's surfboard. Stage#2 - The Pinsir shadow will appear some time after you release the Zapdos from the beginning of the level. You will see the Pinser shadow on the right after you pass the second Electabuzz. Stage#3 - The Koffing cloud appears on the left at the very beginning of the level. Look for a volcano with purple smoke coming out of it. Toss a few pester balls into the volcano until a face appears. Stage#4 - The Cubone rock formation will be above the Vileplume you see (to see the Vileplume play the Pokeflute in front of a large purple bag you see near the beginning of the level.) Stage#5 - Mewtwo's energy form will appear on the left soon after you see the Weepinbell. Stage#6 - The Dugtrio Rocks are right in front of you when you start the level.