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Gym leaders

Red/Blue version


12 geodude

14 onix

If you started with bulbasaur or squirtle you will not have any problems but if you started with charmander try to catch a butterfree and teach it some good moves. Gives you tm 34 that contains bide. Allows you to use flash.



18 staryu

21 starmie

bulbasaur is your best bet here. Beating here will let pokemon up to level 30 obey, and use cut when you get it. Gives you tm 11.


Lt. Surge

21 voltorb

18 pikachu

24 raichu

Hopefully you caught a diglet of geodude to use in this battle. Gives you tm 24. Lets you use fly.



29 victreebell

24 tangela

29 vileplume

Bring a fire or flying type with you to beat Erika. Gives you tm 21 and lets pokemon up to level 50 obey you.



38 kadabra

37 mr.mime

38 venomoth

43 alakazam

Use a pokemon that has bug attacks or use a ghost pokemon to make quick work of Sabrina’s high team. Gives you tm 46 which contains tm 46 psywave. Up to level 70 will obey.



37 koffing

39 muk

37 koffing

43 weezing

Use ground psychic or a flying type pokemon here. Gives you tm 06 which contains toxic.



42 growlithe

40 ponyta

42 rapidash

47 arcanine

Use a water pokemon to smoke Blaine away. Gives you tm 38 which contains fire blast.



45 rhyhorn

42 dugtrio

44 nidoqueen

45 nidoking

50 rhydon

Use water, psychic, and ground for Giovanni. Gives you tm 28 which contains fissure. Allows pokemon of any level to obey you.