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Pokemon World

3/28/00 I got lots of new affiliates today so check them all out.

3/25/00 I got a new affiliate it is Chanseys E.R. it is a great site and i think you guys will like it. there is its address have fun.

3/24/00 I made an even better splash page what do you think? The new layout had some problems so i will wait a little longer to put it up. I might let someone help me out with this page,he is an expert at layouts and when he joins expect to see a new layout real quick.

3/22/00 Well the splash page is up. I had to make this a pop up because of the small space i had to work with if i didnt, but i will try to make a better splash page for you guys.

3/21/00 Pokemon the First Movie is out. Write some reviews for it and ill put them up and give you some league points.

3/20/00 The new entrance is almost done, it uses dual frames. It should be up by wendsday. The layout will be up hopefully by friday. Got a message board, a new counter, and a guest book.

3/17/00 Check out the newest affiliate pokemon areo, and a new judge EvilAlakazaam.

3/16/00 Got another new judge his name is The_Master he can have them on Saturdays 3:00 est.

3/14/00 A PRIZE tourny is Friday 3:45 eastern. Be here and bring every one you can find. I will probably give away 3 mews to the winner, and the newlayout is almost here. Just one small problem with it till it can replace this over crowded one.

3/13/00 Put up a Pokemon Snap Locations, tourny rules, and a battle chart for pokemon stadium.

3/9/00 Another new judge her name is Meganimu. Monday-Friday 7-9.

3/8/00 Another new judge Vital. He can have one Friday. 1 p.m. est show up, and bring lots of people, and sign up if you haven't yet sign up.

3/6/00 I got a new judge today. His gooey name is Jballer he said he can hold them everyday between 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

3/5/00 I redid the scrolling bar to the left. I want to make it to where that isnt there and it is like some of the other sites.

3/4/00 I just put up the R/B Gameshark codes check them out. Might have some Affiliates so check them out. If you would like to Affiliate with me email me at

3/2/00 I put up some more pokedex entries. I am up to 73.

2/28/00 I got the codes up. I am going to make them a lot easier to read in the next few days, and I got the new patch apprantice patch up in what you need if you haven't got it get it.

2/21/00 I will start to put up a gold version walkthrough, and a just noticed that I dont have cheats for red/blue so they will be here real soon.

2/16/00 I got two new judges Farfetch_d_2000, Vladimir.

2/3/00 I added more pokedex entries I am now up to 40. I need some staff to help me out for this page. Email me if you can help.

1/22/00 My name is Zapdos and welcome to my web page. This page is going to have news room. I am looking for judges to hold tournaments for this page. If you like this page and would like to be part of the staff email me at and tell what you are good at and would like to do. Thanks and please come back later and see how this improves. Tell all your friends about this page. Bye.

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