you will need some things if you want to be in the league. these are them down there.

you must have apprentice
you must have the Neo Patch (has all sets up to neo)
you must have win zip
and last you must have gooey (gooey is just a chat room to talk in)

you must do these steps in order to get them all to work.

1. Install Apprentice by double clicking on it and pushing the "install" button.

2. Unzip the Pokémon Patch (file name and go into Windows Explorer.

3. In Windows Explorer open up the "Apprentice" folder and choose the "Sets" folder. Inside the Rocket folder find the "Sets" folder and open it. Here you will find "cardinfo.dat" click and drag this file into Explorer and into the "sets" folder. It will ask if you want to replace the other "cardinfo.dat" that already exists in there. Say "yes". Click the back button and go into the Apprentice folder in Explorer again. Take the file "addon.dat", "distro.dat", "expan.dat", and "format.dat" and replace the ones in the Apprentice folder. Now you should be ready to play online!!

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