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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get the other starter pokémon?

A. You can't unless you have a really nice friend and a link cable or another game pack,another GameBoy and a link cable.

Q. How many pokémon are there? Are there only 150?

A. As far as I know there are only 151. There are rumors of up to 153 pokémon but thats just a rumor.

Q. How do I get Mew?

A. Mew can only be captured by a GameShark code, But I don't know it and it has like a good chance of messing up your game.

Q. Moltres keeps killing me, how do I capture him?

A. You Capture Moltres and all the other one of a time pokémon by first weaking them, then putting them to sleep somehow, after that throw Ultra Balls at them. Or just throw the Master Ball but you only get one so be careful.

Q. I can't find the Power Plant, where is it?

A. On route 9 (the way to the Rock Tunnel) you'll see a river, SURF on it and it leads to the Power Plant.(For how to catch him read above)

Q. Where is pokémon 150?

A. Pokémon 150 (Mewtwo) is in the Unknown Dungeon, You can get there only after you beat the game.He is hard to catch but well worth it.

Q. What are all the pokémon in the Safari Zone and what is the best way to catch them?

A. There are a varity of pokémon in the Safari Zone, Heres a list: Dratini, Caught by fishing: Rock,Ball,Rock,Ball is the best way I've found.

Psyduck, Also caught by fishing: Ball,Bait,Rock,Ball.

Krabby, Another caught by fishing:Ball,Rock,Bait,Rock,Ball.

Tauros, One of the toughest to catch, found in area 3:Ball,Ball,Ball,Ball, Ball.

Kangaskahn, another toughie:Ball,Ball,Ball,Ball,Ball,Ball.

Exeggsucute, Easy:Bait,Rock,Rock,Ball,Ball.

Rhyhorn, kinda hard:Ball,Bait,Rock,Ball.

Nidoran(Male), not too hard:Ball,Rock,Bait,Ball,Ball

Nidoran(Female), Sometimes accidentally caught:Ball,Rock,Ball,Bait,Ball,

Rock,Ball (Probably wont be that long)

Nidorino, Also easy:Ball,Bait,Rock,Ball.

Nidorina, Ditto:Ball,Bait,Rock,Ball.

Scyther(Red version only), Easy with the right ball:Rock,Ball,Bait,Rock,Ball.

Pinsir(Blue version only),Hard but not as much as Tauros:Ball,Bait,Rock, Ball.

Chansey, Very hard: Ball,Bait,Rock,Ball

Q. Where are all 4 moon stones located?

A.Here are where all four moon stones are located:

1. In the upper-left-hand corner of the first area of Mt. Moon.

2. In the basement of the Game Corner in Celadon City.

3. In the bottom right area of Route 2(need CUT)

4. In the burnt down building on Cinnabar Island, check the pillars(face it and press A) on the first floor.

Q. How do i catch wild pokemon?

A. Batter them until they're almost dead or half-full of life, then use a pokeball on them.

Q. Should i buy used Pokemon from dealers?

A. Yup. But only cool ones.

Q. How do i know which ones are good to capture?

A. Look at them. If they're stupid-looking, don't get them.

Q. My pokemon is poisoned, who do I get him unpoisoned?

A. Buy an antidote at a store.