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Alakazam+Pokemon Center
Put circulating damage on benched Pokemon and the heal it all up.

Blastoise+Professor Oak
Get out Blastoise cannons and then oak to get lots of water energy then put that water all over.

Chansey+Alakazam+Scoop Up
Put loads of damage(11 if healthy)on Chansey and then scoop up this basic.

Use Venusaur to put grass on Charizard and the burn the grass(Not literally)to power up this beast.

Farfetch'd+Scoop Up
Since leek slap can only be used once,scoop him up and do it again.

Gyrados takes a while to get going,but once he does he's a killer.Dance energy on over to him to watch him power-up.

Since karate chop limits itself with damage,potion him and he'll take away more with eah hit.Since submission does 20 damage back at you,defender will clear that up.

Attach defender then seldestruct.Next turn(hopefully still alive)Gust out a fresh pokemon and then self destruct again.

Squirtle+Pokemon Breeder
Just breed Squirtle into a Blastoise,quick!!'Nuff said.


Venusaur+Pokemon Center
When theres lots of damage a around,put all the energy on a fresh pokemon,then center the damage up without having to discard.


Computer Search+Professor Oak
Find oak with Search and the draw 7 new cards.Very effective.


Maintenance+Professor Oak
Do you want to oak?But there 2 key cards in hand taht you'll need later.Use maintenance,shuffle 2 in draw 1 and oak.


Get tons of grass energy on him and the flip away.

Kangaskhan+Scoop Up
Fetch all away and then when he's battered up,scoop him up.

Since 20 damage is all this mime will take at most,potion him,take that damage away,and start fresh.

Scyther+Double Colorless Energy
1st turn put a grass down and dance.Next turne slap on a DCE and attack for 60.

Vileplume+Full Heal
After you use petal dance,plume will be confused.Now use heal to take that drawback away.

Wigglytuff+Proffesor Oak
Find as many Pokemon as you can get and put them on your bench.Then do the wave.


Gengar+Gust Of Wind
Use dark mind to deal damage to a pokemon,Use curse,gust and ko as many as 30 pokemon.

If these 3 pokemon are powered up,Continuassly use their "energy killer" attacks.While powering up your bench.

Hitmonlee+Plus Power
Since stretch kick wont knock out a fresh pokemon,attach PP and deal a potential Knockout of 30 damage.

Gigashark deals damage to the bench.  Then darkmind around untill your opponets renderless.

Behavior 1 counter to slowbro and then heal it away.  Keep going for a fresh slowbro.

Leave 'cool on the bench and don't attach energy.  With Mr.Mime as starter he'll only take 20 damage at most.Then swap that to 'cool and use cowardince.