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## -Misc. Codes- -Codes-
1 Infinite HP (In Battle) 01FF16D0
2 No Random Battles 01033CD1
3 Infinite Money 019947D3
## -1st Pokèmon In Battle Codes- -Codes-
4 Infinite PP (1st Position) 01282DD0
5 Infinite PP (2nd Position) 01282ED0
6 Infinite PP (3rd Position) 01282FD0
7 Infinite PP (4th Position) 012830D0
8 Skill Modifier (1st Position) 01??1CD0
9 Skill Modifier (2nd Position) 01??1DD0
10 Skill Modifier (3rd Position) 01??1ED0
11 Skill Modifier (4th Position) 01??1FD0
## -1st Pokèmon Out Of Battle Codes- -Codes-
12 Infinite PP (1st Position) 01FF88D1
13 Infinite PP (2nd Position) 01FF89D1
14 Infinite PP (3rd Position) 01FF8AD1
15 Infinite PP (4th Position) 01FF8BD1
16 Skill Modifier (1st Position) 01??73D1
17 Skill Modifier (2nd Position) 01??74D1
18 Skill Modifier (3rd Position) 01??75D1
19 Skill Modifier (4th Position) 01??76D1
20 Level Modifier 01??8CD1
21 Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 01??8ED1
22 Max HP Modifier (Larger) 01??8DD1
23 Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 01??90D1
24 Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 01??8FD1
25 Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 01??92D1
26 Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 01??91D1
27 Max Speed Modifier (Smaller) 01??94D1
28 Max Speed Modifier (Larger) 01??93D1
29 Max Special Modifier (Smaller) 01??96D1
30 Max Special Modifier (Larger) 01??95D1
## -Item Codes- -Codes-
31 Total Item Number Modifier [Note 1] 01??1DD3
32 Item Modifier 1st Position 01??1ED3
33 Infinite Quantity 1st Position 01631FD3
34 Item Modifier 2nd Position 01??20D3
35 Infinite Quantity 2nd Position 016321D3
36 Item Modifier 3rd Position 01??22D3
37 Infinite Quantity 3rd Position 016323D3
38 Item Modifier 4th Position 01??24D3
39 Infinite Quantity 4th Position 016325D3
40 Item Modifier 5th Position 01??26D3
41 Infinite Quantity 5th Position 016327D3
42 Item Modifier 6th Position 01??28D3
43 Infinite Quantity 6th Position 016329D3
44 Item Modifier 7th Position 01??2AD3
45 Infinite Quantity 7th Position 01632BD3
46 Item Modifier 8th Position 01??2CD3
47 Infinite Quantity 8th Position 01632DD3
48 Item Modifier 9th Position 01??2ED3
49 Infinite Quantity 9th Position 01632FD3
50 Item Modifier 10th Position 01??30D3
51 Infinite Quantity 10th Position 016331D3
## -Submitted Pokèmon Modifier Codes- -Codes-
52 Kind of Pokèmon (1st Position) 01??64D1
53 Kind of Pokèmon (2nd Position) 01??65D1
54 Kind of Pokèmon (3rd Position) 01??66D1
55 Kind of Pokèmon (4th Position) 01??67D1
56 Kind of Pokèmon (5th Position) 01??68D1
57 Kind of Pokèmon (6th Position) 01??69D1
58 Hit Points (1st Position) 01??6CD1
59 Hit Points (2nd Position) 01??98D1
60 Hit Points (3rd Position) 01??C4D1
61 Hit Points (4th Position) 01??F0D1
62 Hit Points (5th Position) 01??1CD2
63 Hit Points (6th Position) 01??48D2
64 First Ability (1st Position) 01??73D1
65 First Ability (2nd Position) 01??9FD1
66 First Ability (3rd Position) 01??CBD1
67 First Ability (4th Position) 01??F7D1
68 First Ability (5th Position) 01??23D2
69 First Ability (6th Position) 01??4FD2
70 Second Ability (1st Position) 01??74D1
71 Second Ability (2nd Position) 01??A0D1
72 Second Ability (3rd Position) 01??CCD1
73 Second Ability (4th Position) 01??F8D1
74 Second Ability (5th Position) 01??24D2
75 Second Ability (6th Position) 01??50D2
76 Third Ability (1st Position) 01??75D1
77 Third Ability (2nd Position) 01??A1D1
78 Third Ability (3rd Position) 01??CDD1
79 Third Ability (4th Position) 01??F9D1
80 Third Ability (5th Position) 01??25D2
81 Third Ability (6th Position) 01??51D2
82 Fourth Ability (1st Position) 01??76D1
83 Fourth Ability (2nd Position) 01??A2D1
84 Fourth Ability (3rd Position) 01??CED1
85 Fourth Ability (4th Position) 01??FAD1
86 Fourth Ability (5th Position) 01??26D2
87 Fourth Ability (6th Position) 01??52D2
88 Trainer ID# (1st Position) 01??77D1
89 Trainer ID# (2nd Position) 01??A3D1
90 Trainer ID# (3rd Position) 01??CFD1
91 Trainer ID# (4th Position) 01??FBD1
92 Trainer ID# (5th Position) 01??27D2
93 Trainer ID# (6th Position) 01??53D2
94 Experience Points (1st Position) 01??79D1
95 Experience Points (2nd Position) 01??A5D1
96 Experience Points (3rd Position) 01??D1D1
97 Experience Points (4th Position) 01??FDD1
98 Experience Points (5th Position) 01??29D2
99 Experience Points (6th Position) 01??55D2
100 First Ability PP (1st Position) 01??88D1
101 First Ability PP (2nd Position) 01??B4D1
102 First Ability PP (3rd Position) 01??E0D1
103 First Ability PP (4th Position) 01??0CD2
104 First Ability PP (5th Position) 01??38D2
105 First Ability PP (6th Position) 01??64D2
106 Second Ability PP (1st Position) 01??89D1
107 Second Ability PP (2nd Position) 01??B5D1
108 Second Ability PP (3rd Position) 01??E1D1
109 Second Ability PP (4th Position) 01??0DD2
110 Second Ability PP (5th Position) 01??39D2
111 Second Ability PP (6th Position) 01??65D2
112 Third Ability PP (1st Position) 01??8AD1
113 Third Ability PP (2nd Position) 01??B6D1
114 Third Ability PP (3rd Position) 01??E2D1
115 Third Ability PP (4th Position) 01??0ED2
116 Third Ability PP (5th Position) 01??3AD2
117 Third Ability PP (6th Position) 01??66D2
118 Fourth Ability PP (1st Position) 01??8BD1
119 Fourth Ability PP (2nd Position) 01??B7D1
120 Fourth Ability PP (3rd Position) 01??E3D1
121 Fourth Ability PP (4th Position) 01??0FD2
122 Fourth Ability PP (5th Position) 01??3BD2
123 Fourth Ability PP (6th Position) 01??67D2
124 Level (1st Position) 01??8CD1
125 Level (2nd Position) 01??B8D1
126 Level (3rd Position) 01??E4D1
127 Level (4th Position) 01??10D2
128 Level (5th Position) 01??3CD2
129 Level (6th Position) 01??68D2

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