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Pokémon Locations
Here's how the Pokémon Locations list works: on the left side is the Pokémon's name and number, in the middle is the type it is, and on the right side is where it can be found in each game.
  • Found in Red:
  • Found in Blue:
  • Found in Yellow:

1BulbusaurGrass,Poison At the start of the game
Given to you in Cerulean City
2IvysaurGrass,Poison Evolve from Bulbusaur
3VenusaurGrass,Poison Evolve from Ivysaur
4CharmanderFire At the start of the game
Given to you in Route 21
5CharmeleonFire Evolve from Charmander
6CharizardFire Evolve from Charmeleon
7SquirtleWater At the start of the game
Given to you in Vermillion City
8WartortleWater Evolve from Squirtle
9BlastoiseWater Evolve from Wartortle
10CaterpieBug Routes 24,25,Viridian Forest
Viridian Forest
11MetapodBug Routes 24,25,Viridian Forest
Viridian Forest
12ButterfreeBug,Flying Evolve from Metapod
13WeedleBug,Poison Routes 24,25,Viridian Forest
14KakunaBug,Poison Routes 24,25,Viridian Forest
15BeedrillBug,Poison Evolve from Kakuna
16PidgeyNormal,Flying Routes 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,24,25
Routes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,12,13,14,
17PidgeottoNormal,Flying Routes 14,15,25
Routes 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,
18PidgeotNormal,Flying Evolve from Pidgeotto
19RattataNormal Routes 1,2,14,15,16,17,18
Routes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,
20RaticateNormal Routes 16,17,18
Routes 9,11,16,17,18,21,
Pokémon Mansion
21SpearowNormal,Flying Routes 3,4,9,11,16,17,18
Routes 3,4,9,16,18,22
22FearowNormal,Flying Routes 17,18,23
Routes 9,16,17,18,23
23EkansPoisonRoutes 4,8,9,11,23
24ArbokPoisonRoute 23,Cerulean Cave
25PikachuElectric Viridian Forest,Power Plant
At the start of the game
26RaichuElectricCerulean Cave
Cerulean Cave,Power Plant
27SandshrewGroundRoutes 4,9,11,23
Routes 3,4,Mt.Moon
28SandslashGroundRoute 23,Cerulean Cave
Cerulean Cave
29Nidoran FPoison Route 22,Safari Zone
Routes 2,22,Safari Zone
30NidorinaPoison Safari Zone
31NidoqueenPoison,Ground Evolve from Nidorina
32Nidoran MPoison Route 11,Safari Zone
Route 22,Safari Zone
33NidorinoPoison Safari Zone
34NidokingPoison,Ground Evolve from Nidorino
35ClefairyNormal Mt.Moon,Cerulean Cave
36ClefableNormal Evolve from Clefairy
37VulpixFireRoutes 7,8,Pokémon Mansion
Celadon City(Exchange Corner)
38NinetalesFire Evolve from Vulpix
39JigglypuffNormal Route 3
Routes 5,6,7,8
40WigglytuffNormal Cerulean Cave
41ZubatPoison,Flying Mt.Moon,Rock Tunnel,
Seafoam Islands
42GolbatPoison,Flying Route 23,Seafoam Islands
Seafoam Islands
43OddishGrass,PoisonRoutes 5,6,7,12,13,14,24,25
Routes 12,13,14,15,21,25
44GloomGrass,Poison Routes 12,13,14,15
45VileplumeGrass,Poison Evolve from Gloom
46ParasBug,Grass Mt.Moon,Safari Zone
47ParasectBug,Grass Mt.Moon,Safari Zone,Cerulean
Safari Zone
48VenonatBug,Poison Routes 12,13,14,15,
Safari Zone
Routes 14,15,24,25
49VenomothBug,Poison Safari Zone,Victory Road
Routes 14,15
50DiglettGround Diglett's Cave
51DugtrioGround Diglett's Cave
52MeowthNormalRoutes 5,6,7,8
53PersianNormalEvolve from Meowth
54PsyduckWater,Psychic Routes 24,25,Seafoam Islands
Route 6
55GolduckWater,Psychic Seafoam Islands
Route 6
56MankeyFightingRoutes 5,6,7,8
Routes 3,4,22,23
57PrimeapeFightingEvolve from Mankey
Route 23
58GrowlitheFire Pokémon Mansion
59ArcanineFire Evolve from Growlithe
60PoliwagWater Fish in Pallet Town,
Viridian City,Vermillion City
Fish at route 22,Viridian City
61PoliwhirlWater Fish at routes 9,10
Fish at route 22
62PoliwrathWater Evolve from Poliwhirl
63AbraPsychic Routes 24,25
Toutes 5,6,7,8
64KadabraPsychic Cerulean Cave
Route 8
65AlakazamPsychic Trade Kadabra
66MachopFighting Victory Road
Route 10,Rock Tunnel
67MachokeFighting Victory Road
68MachampFighting Trade Machoke
69BellsproutGrass,PoisonRoutes 5,12,13,14,15,24,25
Routes 12,13,14,15,24,25
70WeepinbellGrass,Poison Routes 12,13,14,15
71VictreebellGrass,Poison Evolve from Weepinbell
72TentacoolWater,Poison Routes 19,20,21
Routes 17,18,19,20,21,
73TentacruelWater,Poison Evolve from Tentacool
Fish at routes 19,20,21
74GeodudeRock,Ground Mt.Moon,Rock Tunnel,
Victory Road
Mt.Moon,Rock Tunnel
75GravelerRock,Ground Victory Road
76GolemRock,Ground Trade Graveler
77PonytaFire Pokémon Mansion
Route 7
78RapidashFire Evolve from Ponyta
79SlowpokeWater,Psychic Fish at routes 9,10,Safari
Route 12,Seafoam Islands
80SlowbroWater,Psychic Fish at route 23,Seafoam
Seafoam Islands
81MagnemiteElectric Power Plant
82MagnetonElectric Power Plant
83Farfetch'dNormal,Flying Trade in Vermillion City
Routes 12,13
84DoduoNormal,Flying Routes 16,17,18,Safari Zone
Routes 16,17,18
85DodrioNormal,Flying Cerulean Cave
Route 17
86SeelWater Seafoam Islands
87DewgongWater Seafoam Islands
88GrimerPoison Pokémon Mansion,Power
89MukPoison Pokémon Mansion,
Cerulean Cave
Pokémon Mansion,Power Plant
90ShellderWater Routes 19,20,21,
Seafoam Islands
Fish at routes 17,18
91CloysterWater Evolve from Shellder
92GastlyGhost Pokémon Tower
93HaunterGhost Pokémon Tower
94GengarGhost Trade Haunter
95OnixRock,Ground Rock Tunnel,Victory Road
96DrowzeePsychic Route 11
97HypnoPsychic Cerulean Cave
Evolve from Drowzee
98KrabbyWater Routes 4,12,13,17,18,24,25
Seafoam Islands
99KinglerWater Route 23,Seafoam Islands
Seafoam Islands
100VoltorbElectric Power Plant
101ElectrodeElectric Power Plant,Cerulean cave
102ExeggcuteGrass,Psychic Safari Zone
103ExeggutorGrass,Psychic Evolve from Exeggcute
104CuboneGround Pokémon Tower
105MarowakGround Victory Road,Cerulean Cave
Safari Zone
106HitmonleeFighting Saffron City
(choose him or Hitmonchan)
107HitmonchanFighting Saffron City
(choose him or Hitmonlee)
108LikitungNormal Trade in the house on route
Cerulean Cave
109KoffingPoison Pokémon Mansion
110WeezingPoison Pokémon Mansion
111RhyhornRock,Ground Safari Zone
112RhydonRock,Ground Cerulean Cave
113ChanseyNormal Safari Zone,Cerulean Cave
114TangelaGrass Route 21
Safari Zone
115KangaskhanNormal Safari Zone
116HorseaWater,Dragon Routes 19,20,21,Seafoam
Fish at routes 12,13,Vermillion
117SeadraWater,Dragon Route 23,Seafoam Islands
Routes 12,13
118GoldeenWater Fish at routes 4,12,13,19,20,
Routes 6,24,Celadon City
119SeakingWater Fish at route 23
Fish at Cerulean City
120StaryuWater Fish at routes 19,20,21,
Seafoam Islands
Fish at routes 19,20,21,Cinnabar
121StarmieWater,Psychic Evolve from Staryu
122Mr.MimePsychic Trade at route 2
123ScytherBug,Flying Safari Zone
124JynxIce,Psychic Trade at Cerulean City
125ElectabuzzElectricPower Plant
126MagmarFirePokémon Mansion
127PinsirBug Safari Zone
128TaurosNormal Safari Zone
129MagikarpWater Fish at routes 12,13,17,18,
Fuchsia City
130GyaradosWater,Dragon Evolve from Magikarp
Fish at Fuchsia City
131LaprasWater Saffron City (Silph Co.)
132DittoTransform Routes 13,14,15,23
Pokémon Mansion,Cerulean Cave
133EeveeNormal Celadon City
134VaporeonWater Evolve from Eevee
135JolteonElectric Evolve from Eevee
136FlareonFire Evolve from Eevee
137PorygonVirtual Celadon City(Exchange Corner)
138OmanyteRock,Water Cinnabar Island (Pokémon Lab)
139OmastarRock,Water Evolve from Omanyte
140KabutoRock,Water Cinnabar Island (Pokémon Lab)
141KabutopsRock,Water Evolve from Kabuto
142AerodactylRock,Flying Cinnabar Island (Pokémon Lab)
143SnorlaxNormal Routes 12,16
144ArticunoIce,Flying Seafoam Islands
145ZapdosElectric,Flying Power Plant
146MoltresFire,Flying Victory Road
147DratiniDragon Fish at Safari Zone
148DragonairDragon Evolve from Dratini
Fish at Safari Zone
149DragoniteDragon,Flying Evolve from Dragonair
Fish at Safari Zone
150MewtwoPsychic Cerulean Cave
151MewPsychic Gameshark