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Link To Me

So far, I only have one banner. Hopefully soon, I will add more, so that you can have a variety of choices. I still need to learn a little more about banners. Also, if you want me to link back to you, just e-mail me. Any other help will be appreciated...e-mail-!

The HTML code is- a href="" img src="images/pokemewbanner1.gif" *Remember to put tags like this < and > at the beginning of a href and at the end. Also, place one at the beginning of img... and at the end. OR you can click the right-hand button on your mouse and click view source, and search for the code.

Here is my first, and so far, only banner ^v^, it should look like this:

Make sure to save the image onto a disk or your desktop by right-clicking, and choosing "save picture as". If you need help, e-mail me!