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Hello and welcome to Pokemew's new website, Mew and Pikachu's Caveren! *CLICK HERE* to read the leagend of the caveren! Sorry if it takes a while to download but I think it's worth it! Backgroud music is located in the Sliph Co. stage of Super Smash Bros. Provided by Super Smash Bros. Central. Sorce: Find other Smash Bros. music at Thank you!

Hello! Thanks for coming! Check out my new updated site! Update-My Smash Board is up! *CLICK HERE* to go to it! Save Pikachu contest! Find my secret pages! *CLICK HERE* to read all about it! Pokémon Statium released! *CLICK HERE* to read my personal reveiw! Please sign my guest book! *CLICK HERE* to sign it!
Pikachu's Pokemon Clock
Get A FREE Pokemon Clock Here

4-7-00-I'm in the runing! Vote for me in the PokeUSA's Top 50 by clicking on the banner on the right! I'm also in Prof. Oaks top 50!

I'm also in NeoStar!

I'm even in my own topsite!
-3-?-00-Save Pikachu contest starts on my page! *CLICK HERE* to read all about it!
- 3-8-00 Pokémon Statium is realeased! All 151 Pokémon are in for the battle of their lives! *CLICK HERE* to read my full personal review!
Adoption Center
Come see all the pokémon ready for adoption! *CLICK HERE* to see all of our pokémon!
We have LOADS of pictures! *CLICK HERE* to see them all!
Team Rocket's Cheat Codes
We have tons of codes!
For GameShark codes for Red Blue Yellow & Pinnball *CLICK HERE*!
For Normal codes that DO NOT require GameShark *CLICK HERE*!
GameGenie codes coming!
Game Reveiws
Our game reveiws are the best on the net. All of the reviewed games are owned be me or have been rented! This way you get the best personal reveiw you gan get!
*CLICK HERE* to see the N64 reveiws!
*CLICK HERE* to see the GameBoy game reveiws!
*CLICK HERE* to see all of our cool links!

Super Smash Bros.

Currently this link is to a page of my Smash knowladge. *CLICK HERE* to learn it all!
*CLICK HERE* to see my Smash Links.
*CLICK HERE* to go to my Smash Board!

I'm a Pokémon Trainer!

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Meet my baby Pikachu! His name is Pika. Can you take care of him for me? You can?! Thanks a lot! Press the Call Pikachu button to call him from his room! Take good care of him! If he dies I won't be happy!
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