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It's Beedrils Nest! A new pokemon web page. Hi Welcome To Beedrill's Hive! This Site is deticated to my favorite Pokemon Beedrill. This site is just starting out and will be upgraded as much as possible. If you would like to leave any comments on how this webpage looks please tell me in my guestbook. Also I'm looking for some staff members taht have some experience in javascripting and web page design. If you would like to join please email me. And please if dont do anything but vote for me I thank you. Thanks for Coming to Beedrill's Hive.

Hey This is Beedrill and I just wanted to tell you to "Prepare For Trouble And Make It Double", because The Brand * NEW * Team Rocket Set is Coming. The Team Rocket expansion explores the Dark Pokémon through 65 new cards and 17 rare holographic cards -- everything a Pokémon trainer needs to build new decks and develop new game strategies. Each booster pack contains 11 randomly sorted Pokémon cards. Collect them, trade them, or use them to customize a Pokémon theme deck or starter set. Each preconstructed theme deck contains a pre-sorted mix of 60 cards from Base Set 2 and the new Team Rocket expansion. Here are Links to the Wizards Site were you can Purchase these Packs befroe they come out in store. For The Team Rocket Booster Packets

For The New Starter Set "Trouble"

For The New Starter Set "Devistation"

However There is A limit For How AMny Packets of these you can buy. For the Bosster it is 80/per day and For the Theme Decks it is 8/per day. Wizard has said any more than this taht are order taht order will be cancled.


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