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Pokemon Red & Blue Cheats

Catching Mew JAPAN VERSIONS ONLY Go to the S.S.Annie but only go on the dock. Don't go on the S.S.Annie or you blew it. Surf until you find a truck and use strength to push it away. Under it is a pokeball with Mew in it.

Pikablu If I told you it you wouldn't vote for me! But after I get 500 votes I'll give you the true Pikablu code. SO VOTE FOR ME PLEASE. Also at 50 votes I'll give you the Mist Stone code

Fish in the statues This one is pretty easy. First you go to a statue and use the good rod or any other rod. And presto you're fishing in a statue. And I've caught rare water Pokemon doing this.

Harder Hits While doing an attack just hit and hold the "A" button

Master ball trick When throwing any Pokeball just hold up and a or b

Catch pokemon outside of safari zone When you go in the Safari Zone don't go anywhere just come out imediatly. Than fly to Cinnabar and surf on the east shore in half land half water.

How to get Mew AMERICAN VERSION ONLY I'm not sure if this one works Give a Magikarp at a low level to the day care person. Go get your pokemon back at level 50 and he will say " Wow your Pokemon grew by 50! " When you take him back it will say what Magikarp is evolving and presto you have Mew

Climb a tree Go up to a cutable tree anywhere in the game and cut it down. Then walk into the spot where the tree was and save the game. When you saved the game turn off the Game Boy. Than turn it back on and continue. And presto your on op of a tree.

Mist Stone code

#1 Get all 150 Pokemon without a game shark/genie

#2 Get every single item in Seafom Island. There's even a hidden excape rope neer Articuno that you need to get.

#3 Than use the excape rop you just found. The last place you had to be was in Cinnabar.

#4 Than you have to realease all the stones that you have on you. You have to had a Thunder stone.

#5 Than go back to Seafom Island caves. Use your item finder and you should find it.

It might take you a few trys to locate the stone. When you find it I would duplicate it because you can evolve ALOT of Pokemon into new forms!

Togepy Code

Ok befor you read this code there's something you should know. This code wont work if you've ever used a game shark! Even if it was two games ago it wont work!!!! Ok so don't get mad at me! Because I wont be able to do it either!!!

#1 Have all 150 Pokemon without a game shark/genie!!!

#2 Beat the first 3 of the Elite 4 and save the game. Than turn the game boy off than on.

#3 Beat Lance and your Rival and sit through the credits. After the credits go to your house.

#4 Your mom should be on the table! Go upstairs and she should be on your bed! There will also be a little Pokemon running around!

#5 She'll tell you to keep it and take good care of it as long as it doesn't come in the house again. And wala you have Togepy! You might have to nickname him I'm not sure.

Pikablu Code

Ok this is the official Pikablu code! I hope you all enjoy it!

#1 Catch all 150 Pokemon without using a game shark/genie.

#2 Have 17 of your Pokemon over lvl 70.

#3 After that's done go to Pewter city and talk to the guy who asks you if you've been to the museum yet. Say no so he takes you to the door.

#4 Go in the museum and go upstairs and talk to the lady who says " I want my boyfriend to catch me a Pikachu! "

#5 After you talk to her go imediatly out of the museum. When you get out don't move in any direction. Imediatly use fly and go to Celedon city.

#6 Go into the game cornner and talk to the lady who says " Go next door to get great prizes!"

#7 But this time she'll say, " Hey, you have all the badges? Wow! Well then since you where nice enogh to talk to me. I will give you this pokemon I found stranded behind the museum. He is so strong I can't controll him. But since you have all the badges you take him!"

#8 It will say you got ??????? Than if you try to use it it will ge just like pressing cancel. Than go talk to Prof. Oak and it will say you deliverd Oak's Parcell.

#9 Than go into your Pokemon line and put a Pokemon you don't mind loosing in the first slot. It will still be called ??????? but go to the Nickname guy and change it to Pikablu.

#10 He's at level 999 and yes he appers in your Pokedex! He's number 154. In the Pokedex info it will say

Name: Pikablu

Type: ???????

Height: 2" 3"

Lenght: 3" 4"

Stats: Attack-999 Defense-999 Speed-999 Special-999


Electric Wave, Psyshock, Electrode, Sonic Boom. When you get 60,000 exp points on him he'll learn Electrode it kills with 1 hit and never misses.

Houou Code

Have Pidgeot on the top of your list Type 01F264D1 into your game shark Use a rare candy on him and he'll learn tm09 Change his name to Houou Fact: When you use a rare candy on him he'll learn tm09. It's ember but it will be called tm09. Don't use it because it knocks you out!!!

Mewthree Code Ok this is a Pokegod code and Pokegods ruin your game as long as there in your carying 6. So use this code at your own risk!

Have mewtwo on the top of your list Type 01E564D1 in your game shark Then use a rare candy on him. Change his name to Mewthree


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