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To Gundam Dream

Welcome everyone to my lil corner on the web. It is a site entirely devoted to the characters of Gundam Wing. I created it because I wanted to show GW fans the cool anime and manga pics I have collected from all over the web and I wanted to make a GW page just cause I like it so much ^.^ The loading time on this page has been cut down because you can access all the pictures via text link instead of thumbnails. Maybe one day I'll change it but for now it works just fine. Heero is my fav character followed by Duo so you'll probably see the most of them along w/ group pics. Also the idea for the name of this page was inspired by a real dream I had about GW. To read it click here.Arigato and enjoy!
duo ready to kick some butt
this is actually supposed to be wallpaper but its so darn cool I put it here anyway. Duo fans this is a must see!
the 5 g-boys just hanging out..
same as above plus relena
nice pose there Heero..oh wait Quatre's is dumber ^.^
A split screen w/ the 5 Gundam boys
A cool pic of Heero
cool group pic
this is a cool pic ^.^
duo as a bat, heero as some sort of a bird (?)
Zech's poses w/ the TallGeese
Heero looking cool in the 1st episode of GW
Heero and his Gundam
My my look at Treize!
Relena yellin something. 10 bucks it's "Heeeeeero!!!"
An awesome pic of Heero at the ending of GW
omg! Heero is smilin!! Mark ur calenders o.0
Heero with his Gundam
Are you tired of Heero pics yet? Sorry, I still have some more, Like this one..
Ah heres one of Duo in some casual clothes.
Duo ready for his close-up
A nice close-up of Relena
Relena just sitting around
Don't mess with the hair..
Heero w/ blood on his hand O.O
Casual Clothes Heero
I love this picture! Heero is trying to save Relena's b-day cake from getting eaten!
Trowa undercover in OZ
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