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July 4, 2001

Hey guys. HAPPY 4th OF JULY! To all you americans out there. I'm working on transfering stuff over. This is gonna be big. Webmaster'll be workin on some stuff to. Won't you webmaster? :oD Well i gotta go and work on the fireworks at the statue of Liberty! (Thats right I work there.) New Jersey, Here I come!

June 2, 2001

Hey! As I promised a mega update will come. We've changed our name and added a new staff member. Jaeger it is not another hacker. The story is that yesterday we had a hacker. I was on yesterday for about the whole day just trying to figure out the password. Little got deleted, but we did take some heavy damage in the code sections. Hopefully Jaeger will fix it all up soon. Well two sites put together should make us a lot better. Mewtwo returns will be coming to the TV soon. Note: It is not a movie, they only make one a year. Soon I will put up the Pokemon Elite Journeys. You should check them out. They are all new pokemon episodes. We will be finished with the Mega Updates in about a week. Bye Webmaster

July 2, 2001

Hey! I'm a new Staff member, Will. You may know me as Lugia from the Old AnimeZone 2k1- We're gonna have a great time. With Pokémon, DBZ, and some Digimon, Cardcaptors, Gundam Wing, Tenchi, and ALOT of Anime. So e-mail me with Pics, and other cool anime stuff @ So Mt. Squirtle is reborn and combined Now We're AnimeZone 2k1!

July 1, 2001

Welcome!I am very sorry about the columns that wont show up. I have been very busy trying to update this site. Yes the rumors are true, Caseguy 13 does not work here anymore. I am hoping to make this site as good as his was. Please tell your friends about this site. The more people that join the clubs and/or come here, the more updates we have.We will soon start our RPG! The battling chart is up. New code section!Please sign our guestbook. DBZ is almost complete. We have a big surprise for when we have 100 people visit our site.
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We now have 50 visitors! Now the fun begins. All that u h ave to do is vote for my site on any of the rings and then email Ask him about ANY codes. He will also give you a very rare code. You will get a code for the Mist Stone (It is for gameshark, if u have Mew i suggest that you use it on him) Charcolt, Sapasaur, Rainer, Venastoise, and Rainbow Lugia. Poke Dream Top 50 [Join Now] Right now I am working on a new site. I have been offered a job at another place. This site will still be up and updated. I will have a link to the site soon. Actually you can go to my site somewhere else but I will put it on this site when we finish the great updates. Already has the other site gone up better than this site! We have like 5000 visitors! Staff Staff Staff. We need more! A spot for image manager is open. Last a job for Mega Updater is open. Just E Mail
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