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MrMew's Fanfic Page


Fanfic Page

This page may not look good, but that doesn't mean the stuff within is not good. This site is based on fanfics, mine in particular, not looks. So just because this page looks bland and boring, dont go away. Read some fanfics and see what lies inside.

Last Updated- 04-30-2000
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I must TEMPERARALLY close this site. But I will be back and writing stories in the next couple of months. Sorry to do this, but whats gotta be done has gotta be done. :-(

I have a new thing for this page called "CANCELLED". If you see the word cancelled in red letters next to a story, that means that story had been discontinued and no more chapters will be written.

I would really like feed back on my stories. Flames are welcomed.
Please send in your stories to be posted here.

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MrMew's Message Board- Post comments on stories here.

fan fics written by me

Fanfics written by others

Ideas to be made into fics

Mystery of Mew- The 'movie' for To Be A Master…A Legend. It will be my materpiece. A Dark and gothic fic about Mew, who has turned evil.

Pokemon's Out-takes and Bloopers
This is a one shot that I thought of while watching Americas Funniest Home Videos. Basically, I will make up out-takes and bloopers that would happen on the set of Pokemon if it were really filmed like an actual show or movie. More will follow has I think of ideas.

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