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Mew`s Lair


days 'til my b-day. X-mas Eve



Ok ppl stop sending me email saying i could do better or sumthin. The last time i updated this site was around february. And I should be getting a phone line in my new house next week. So i should be able to start the site then. Keep voting. Thanx. Bye.


Ok I moved. But I will get back to this site soon/ Right now the poll is a tie between cards and games.


Ok ppl im gonna do the site again. Now vote below on wut u want it to be on. I really would like to do it on cards because im more experienced with cards then anything else. Well all u gotta do is vote. And check back for updates. thanx for the emails. bye.


So ppl email me if u think i should still do this site. . If i dunt get ne email then i wont do the site. And my pokemon league and everything else isnt up because im not doing the site unless ppl email me saying they want me to keep doing the site. Well im going now. Bye.

Mew v.s.MewTwO Its a clip of mewtwo v.s. mew but u need realplayer


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