Well I'm just another freak on this little planet called Earth simply known as Mila! :O) Yay, NEway I'm 16, tall and latin. LATINA ES LA RAZA! in the pic, I'm with my cousin and I'm the kiddo with the ballon! hihihi For those who imagine me like a Jennifer Lopez well u're wrong. In fact, I actually hate her. She sucks! Sorry for those who like her!

I was born November 3rd 1984 in Lima, Peru. I'm an only child! :O( Now, I live in Montreal, Canada. I go to the International school of Montreal. It's pretty old and about to fall on us but still, it's my school! As always, I never know what to say about me but I guess you'll learn more of who I am through the site. (my childish side!) I might add a pic of me. And of course, I'll present you to my friends. How could I ever foget them?

Well, now how I am. I'm a nice gal, likes to talk about NEthing, enjoys listening to music of any kind exept opera. My lifestyle is simple: sleep -> eat -> net and music or TV -> sleep. I like talking to different people from many countries as possible, that's why I'm often on ICQ! By the way, my # is: 43614537. I also love TV. Comedy shows are the best with science-fiction. Well, until now, I sound like a normal kid.

If I go to the religious side, u might think I'm nuts. Usually when I say I pray each night and go to church every week-end they ask: how do u do it? Easy, just follow your folks and enjoy the host! That's easy isn't it? A nice cookie that tastes like cardboard. No way, that's not it, I actually have faith and 'till now things have shown pretty well for me. Sorry if my english sucks! Not my fault! Well yeah but I try the best I can, I sure do!

Besides the holy things, I'm a good friend, someone u can trust. Well that's what I think. And for those who hate me, do u think I actually give a damn? I'll just ignore u. Unless I did something mean to u and I really regret it. Sorry I'm curious, put my nose in lots of things. I'm stubborn, I always want an explanation for every single thing that I'm not satisfied with it.

Now physical looks: tall, latin, crazy hair, big nose and heavy. enough for u? Well I hope so. Oh and I have many beauty spots! :O( I don't like it but I still survived with them.

Well, enough blabla and keep going. It's not all boring out there so keep surfing and enjoy! CYA

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