Full Name: Valérie Lemaire Duplan

Birth: September 1st 1985

City: Laval (Ste-Rose)

Love: Okay, so do u have a new crush??? Josh, Ben or Les Misérables' guy? And leave Andy Roddick alone!

Siblings: none

Url: Fierce Virgo

Favorite sayings: "Ben oui, toujours, 3 ou 4 fois lah!" "Est-ce que j'ai l'air sarcastique?" "J'T'UN HOMME, UN VRAI!" ~talk to me...Ouuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh~ *Manger est un des plaisirs de la vie!...mais il ne faut pas en abuser!*

lol: OUR wonderful metro rides! (There r no cute guys here) *âme soeur* my a**! "Franchement, il fallait Justement que Cecile aille Surement jouer avec ses Barbies! Ark!"

: 113931214

Ok, please don't make me write something here or else it will go forever! Neway, it's been fun being sarcastic all the time and believe in EVERYTHING our friends tell us! right? Neway, why would they lie? And all thos teasing the guys was fun too! Neway, good luck in luv, u need it! And pick the right guy plz! Luv ya!