Here's bizarre Silvia

Full Name: Laura-Silvia Turlea

Birth: September 21st 1984

City: Montreal (CDN)

Love: Fouad!

Siblings: hum.... no one I guess!

Url: Bienvenue dans mon Monde

Favorite sayings: Franchement! Ben Justement! Cecile joue a la Barbie! Jigglypuff! Clefairy!

lol: Alexis-Nihon! HACK, HACK, HACK!!!

: 33322087

Silvia describes herself as a crazy girl who loves to have fun, friendly and well, insane in the brain! WOW. She helps me with the Marat site! We both love him! She also finds Fred Durst and Joshua Jackson very attractive! She sings in class! She hangs out with Val and Laura a lot. And of course, with guys!