Links from PPL I know!

These are some pages created by my friends. Once u've seen them, u'll know we're all WEBMASTERS!

This is Val's site! Better have a look!

This one is Silvia's! You have to admit it's cute!

Well...I can only say that Lauis a real X-files fan. Check out her site!

So ladies, what do u think? He's hot!!!! If only he didn't have a third tit! :O( Sorry Diana! Ur page rocks!

This one is Eva's site. If u're a Simpsons fan, u better go there! Oups I almost forgot, it's a FRENCHIE site!

This is the site of a very "RELIGIOUS" person! Tuan-Anh! It's actually avery cool page! If u like Kendo, go here!

This a really cool page! It's Megan, so better check it out! And if u're a Victor Phan's fan, u defenitely have to click above!

If u're a L'arc~en~ciel fan just like my dear friend Di, u must go here. It's the best fanpage this band has! Well done!